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SofaEmpire was created for a simple reason: When researching karaoke machines, it was not possible for us to find good information. Either you torture yourself piling through lengthy forum discussions that constantly deviate from the topic, deal with missing information on online shops or you have to struggle with super technical texts possibly written by a sound engineer.

In the sources found, the topics of longevity, an easy usage and environmental protection were completely ignored. As passionate advocates of sustainable action, we were not at all suited to this. For this reason, we decided to launch SofaEmpire, a website with truly helpful information and excellent source for all things karaoke.

SofaEmpire stands for:

  • extensive research
  • detailed product comparisons
  • comprehensive guides
  • practical step-by-step instructions
  • environmental protection

In addition to all the work we put into our articles, a simple, user-friendly navigation and an appealing design are very important to us. On our website you will also search a long time for dubious partners. Neither do we sell our own products. We work exclusively with partners who offer their mature, long-lasting products at a fair price and have paid attention to environmental protection when designing their products.

We only earn money when you buy the linked products. Of course you will not face additional costs. Furthermore, we receive the same commission rates for all products and, therefore, prefer no partner over the others.

Welcome to SofaEmpire!