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Best 80s Karaoke CDs

Are you sick of singing the same old karaoke songs over and over again? If you own a karaoke machine or are just starting a collection of CD+Gs, then you want to be sure to add a bit of variety to your library. One of the most exciting themes we could find for karaoke CDs was 80s themed. So, we have assembled a list of the top 80s CDs out there for your next karaoke night.

Whether you want to sing a duet with your favorite singing partner, or try your hand at some of the hottest Rock N Roll hits from the days when hair-bands were a thing, you will love the selection of CDs we have chosen for you below.

#1 100 Hits Presents – 80s Classics Karaoke

The top CD on our list has the most music with 100 tracks to choose from. If you love 80s karaoke music, then you have to have the 100 Hits 80s Classics in your karaoke collection. There are upbeat hits like, ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,’ ‘Ghostbusters,’ and ‘Mickey.’ You can also choose from plenty of slow songs as well that were popular in the 80s, such as ‘Careless Whisper’ or ‘Lady In Red.’ No matter what your singing forte is, you are sure to enjoy every last song choice on the list.

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#2 Billboard Top-40 Karaoke: 1980s

There are 40 songs to choose from across 4 CD+Gs when you purchase this karaoke box set, and each song has two versions in which to select. The first version includes the lead vocal tracks, or you can choose the instrumental option to let your voice shine! There are tons of fun hits to sing like, ‘Abracadabra,’ ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me,’ ‘She Blinded Me With Science,’ ‘Bette Davis Eyes,’ and so many more.

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#3 80s Karaoke By Import

Import created this fantastic collaboration of 80s music just for your next karaoke night! You get a whopping 60 song library across 3 discs, and the collection can’t be beaten! If you were a fan of revolutionary artists like Prince, Queen, or Michael Jackson, then you will not want to miss having this CD in your karaoke repertoire.

Some of the songs you can choose on the various CDs in the collection include ‘1999,’ ‘Radio Ga Ga,’ ‘Love Shack,’ and ‘Billy Jean’ to name a few.

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#4 Bash: 80s Radio Hits Vol. 4

The Bash company keeps it simple when it comes to producing themed karaoke CDs for your collection. You only have to worry about storing one disc when you choose this karaoke CD, and you get 10 of the best radio hits from the 80s. The songs on the playlist include, ‘The Heat Is On,’ ‘The Power Of Love,’ ‘ Don’t Stop,’ ‘Only The Young,’ ‘Loverboy,’ ‘I Can Dream About You,’ ‘The Heart Of Rock N Roll,’ ‘Stay With Me Tonight,’ ‘Hurts So Good,’ and ‘Radio Ga Ga.’

If you haven’t noticed, Bash also likes to keep the party rolling by choosing only the most energetic and exciting hits from the period.

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#5 1980s Classics Volume 1

This karaoke CD truly includes some of the most iconic hits to come from the 1980s. Whether you grew up in the 80s, or you are an old soul who loves the decade, you are sure to enjoy the perfect selection of songs on the discs library. The song choices include, ‘New Sensation,’ ‘The Glory Of Love,’ ‘I’m Coming Out,’ ‘Let’s Dance,’ ‘Should I Stay Or Should I Go,’ ‘Sweet Dreams,’ and more 80s favorites.

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#6 Bash: Pop Go The 80s Vol. 10

Bash comes back on our list with another perfect selection of songs for the 80s lovers out there. Again, you only have one disc and 10 songs to choose from, but it helps to keep things simple! If you love all the classic pop hits from the 80s, then you will love singing along to these songs, ‘I Think We’re Alone Now,’ ‘Secret Lover’s,’ ‘There’ll Be Sad Songs,’ ‘Friends and Lovers,’ ‘Coming Around Again,’ ‘Lady In Red,’ ‘True Colors,’ ‘Dreamtime,’ ‘Who’s Johnny?,’ and ‘Tender Love.’

Bash is one of the best karaoke CD production companies at choosing only the most popular hits from the period in which they are developing a karaoke CD for. If you are looking to build your library, they are some of the best discs to collect!

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#7 Forever Hits of the 80s

If you notice, a lot of the CDs on this list only have a handful of songs, and while that’s fine, some people want to get more for their buck. When you want to purchase a disc with more than just a few songs, try getting something like the Forever Hits of the 80s CD+G which includes 4 CDs and over 60 song choices to offer. Enjoy singing songs like ‘Material Girl,’ ‘Electric Avenue,’ and ‘Every Rose Has It’s Thorn.’

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