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Best Rap Karaoke CDs

Karaoke night is a time to show off your talents to friends and family, and one of the most talented forms in which you can perform is by choosing songs from a decent Rap and Hip Hop CD. Rapping on karaoke night is not for the faint of heart, as it takes a special kind of performer to pull off the best Hip Hop tracks of all time.

There are a few songs which incorporate a fair amount of singing as well so you could get away with doing a duet version of a song with a partner who is more confident with their rapping skills.

No matter what your comfort level is with performing a rap song on karaoke night, you will undoubtedly find a great rap karaoke CD within the list we have for you below!

#1 Classics: Hip Hop Hits

The first karaoke CD on our list includes 16 songs that offer a relatively even balance between singing and rapping parts. There are also plenty of options on the CD that will let you and your friends perform together if you want. Some of the song choices available to you on the Classics: Hip Hop Hits playlist include, ‘Low,’ ‘Buy U A Drank,’ ‘Lollipop,’ and ‘Flashing Lights.’

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#2 Karaoke: The Songs Of Hip Hop Favorites

Although there are only five songs to choose from on this karaoke disc, you can opt to sing with just the instrumental track if you want to let your voice shine. However, if you prefer to sing along with the vocal backing track, you can choose this option as well.

No matter which way you choose to sing along with your favorite Hip-Hop songs, you are sure to love the selection provided. Keep in mind that most of the content in these songs are inappropriate for children and should only be played during adult-only karaoke parties.

The five songs available on the Karaoke: The Songs Of Hip Hop Favorites disc include, ‘Baby Got Back,’ ‘Thong Song,’ ‘I Got A Man,’ ‘Rump Shaker,’ and ‘Who Let The Dogs Out.’

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#3 Karaoke Heaven: Hip Hop Heroes

The tracks on Karaoke Heaven: Hip Hop Heroes are also filled with explicit lyrics, so you’ll want to be sure you’re choosing appropriate content if you have children at home who will be singing along with you and your guests.

This disc offers 15 songs from a handful of unique artists from all walks of the genre. The playlist includes songs like, ‘I Get Money,’ ‘The Boss,’ ‘Give It To Me,’ and ‘On The Hotline.’

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#4 February 2011 Urban Hits R&B, Hip Hop

This is another karaoke disc which lets you choose which way you want to perform your selected song. If you’re going to sing with a lead vocal track to help you follow along with the melody and flow of the lyrics, then choose the karaoke version of the song. If you prefer to let your voice ring out loud and clear with no interference from other vocals, then select the instrumental version of one of the 9 song choices on the playlist.

The 9 songs on the disc include, ‘No Bull****,’ ‘Fall For Your Type,’ ‘Shine,’ ‘Ain’t Thinkin’ Bout It,’ ‘I Ain’t Thru,’ ‘Words,’ ‘Fell Love,’ ‘Lie To Kick It,’ and ‘Marijuana.’

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#5 Hip Hop Hotties

Hip Hop Hotties is a karaoke disc for the ladies on the guest list. When you think about Rap and Hip Hop, most of the artists who come to mind are men, but don’t forget about some of the most iconic Hip Hop Hotties out there like Destiny’s Child, Eve, and many more!

If you want to take a trip back in time and sing along with some of the industry’s most successful Hip Hop Hotties, then try your luck at one of the 5 songs on the playlist. Sing along to either the instrumental or vocal backing tracks to ‘Crazy In Love,’ ‘These Words,’ ‘Fall To Pieces,’ U Don’t Know My Name,’ and ‘We Belong Together.’

Even though there aren’t many songs to choose from on the disc, having small samples like these help to keep your song selections simple and straight to the point when transitioning from one singer to another.

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