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Best R&B Karaoke CDs

One of the most impressive genres of music to perfect when it comes to performing karaoke is R&B. R&B is one of the only types of music that genuinely let the performer show their talent and ear for singing. If you are trying to build a decent karaoke library for upcoming parties at your home, or for taking over to a friends house who owns a karaoke machine, then you’ll want to make sure to add a few good R&B discs to your repertoire.

There are so many branches of R&B music as well, so with the list below, we will try to help you distinguish which CDs will give you what types of music. Whether they include upbeat and quick-paced Hip Hop anthems or long and slow love ballads from R&B’s most famous artists, you are sure to find what you’re looking for in our top R&B Karaoke disc lineup.

#1 R&B Karaoke CD Collection

When you purchase this extensive box set with R&B karaoke discs, you can expect to find three different CDs full of some of the top hits in the genre. You’ll get 60 songs in total ranging over several types of R&B music. Not only will you get fun, energetic summer jams like ‘Crazy In Love,’ and ‘Happy,’ but you will also enjoy singing to slow break-up songs like ‘Cry Me A River.’

There are plenty of grown-up, sexy songs to sing to your date as well. So, if you have someone special in the audience that you want to impress, make sure to choose one of the sexier anthems like ‘Milkshake,’ or ‘Just The Way, You Are’ to show them what you’ve got!

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#2 Music Maestro CDG Karaoke 5 Disk R&B Club Pack Set

If you are looking for a collection which gives you plenty of options to choose from, then you’ll want to get a set like the Music Maestro R&B Club Pack Set. You’ll get a total of 96 songs across 5 CDG discs.

What’s great about this box set is that most of the songs take you way back to the 70s and the times when Mo-Town dominated the airwaves. Grab your family and friends and sing to some of the most classic Doo-Wop inspired hits from the past!

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#3 Party Tyme Pop, Rock, R&B Mega Pack

If you thought the previous box sets on the list held a lot of music, then brace yourself for the vast 128 song set list that comes with this 8-disc set. You’ll get just about every karaoke hit you can think of on this diverse karaoke box set. Whether you want to jam out to some early ’00 Ashanti, or rock to a classic Bowie hit, you are sure to find your favorite karaoke set list amongst the collection.

Songs like, ‘Killing Me Softly,’ ‘So Into You,’ ‘Suffragette City,’ and ‘I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing’ are all available among the hits on Party Tyme Pop, Rock, R&B Mega Pack.

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#4 The Best Of Hip Hop & R&B Music Volume 2

You’ll only have to keep track of one disc with this hip hop and R&B karaoke collection, but you’ll still have 20 songs to choose from. Sing along to some of the best R&B, and Hip Hop hits to come out in the last few decades. ‘Gold Digger,’ ‘Shake Ya Tailfeather,’ ‘Say Something,’ ‘Roses,’ and ‘Superstar’ are just a few of the songs you can sing when you get The Best of Hip Hop & R&B Music Volume 2.

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#5 R&B Greats Karaoke Disc – Legends Series

This is another disc which only gives you one disc to worry about but offers 17 songs on its playlist. There are not many karaoke discs which give you a healthy selection of older songs to sing, but the R&B Greats Karaoke Legends Series does precisely that.

You can sing along to old school favorites like, ‘The Greatest Love Of All,’ ‘We’re In This Love Together,’ ‘Show And Tell,’ ‘Lean On Me,’ and ‘A Rainy Night In Georgia.’

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#6 Monster #1126 Karaoke Male R&B Oldies Hits

One of the most unique things about this karaoke CD is that it is made to highlight the male singers at your party. If you have a few guys who want to show the younger generation how it’s done by performing to some old school R&B hits, then this is the perfect CD to add to your karaoke collection.

There are 16 songs to sing on this legendary karaoke disc, some of which include, ‘Living For The City,’ ‘Get Ready,’ ‘I Thank You,’ ‘War,’ ‘SuperFreak,’ and ‘Superstition.’

Make sure that all the strong male voices in your crew get their time to shine by adding the Monster Karaoke Male R&B Oldies Hits disc to your karaoke lineup; you are sure to enjoy the show when the guys take the stage!

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