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Best Spanish Karaoke CDs

When it comes time to host a karaoke night, it can be fun to change up the playlist to make sure that everyone at the party feels a sense of cultural inclusion. Music is a powerful thing, and many times it can be as simple as putting on an eclectic mix of music to make everyone at the karaoke party feel welcome and included.

There is just something sexy about performing to Spanish music unless of course, it’s family night, then that’s a different vibe entirely! However, if you are hosting an exciting karaoke night with an adults-only invite, then you have to check out these hot CDs we found for a Spanish themed karaoke night.

The great thing about karaoke CDs is that you can listen to them in the car to enjoy the music as well as popping them into your karaoke machine on the night of a party.

Whether you are a native speaker of the language or enjoy doing the best you can with your limited Spanish-speaking skills, you are sure to enjoy the selection we have for you below.

#1 Karaoke Vicente Fernandez

The first CD on our list actually comes in a box set of six CD+Gs and offers an impressive library of 48 Spanish songs in which to choose. Some of the classic Spanish songs you can expect to find in the Vicente Fernandez Karaoke set are ‘De Que Manera Te Olvido,’ ‘Por Tu Maldito Amor,’ ‘Gema,’ ‘El Hijo Del Pueblo,’ and many more.

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#2 Karaoke: Selena 3

One of the most beloved stars in the Spanish community was and perhaps always will be Selena. Selena was indeed an inspiration to her small Texas town and gifted the world with her beautiful music. Now, you can honor Selena by singing some of her most popular songs of all time on this karaoke CD. Sing along with your family and friends to the tune of 8 carefully chosen Selena songs.

The playlist on Karaoke: Selena 3 offers the following songs, ‘La Llamada,’ ‘Wherever You Are,’ ‘Captive Heart,’ ‘Ya No,’ ‘Tu Robaste Mi Corazon,’ ‘Yo Me Voy,’ ‘Only Love,’ and ‘No Debes Jugar.’

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#3 Latin Stars – Pedro Hernandez

This karaoke disc holds another 8 perfectly picked Spanish songs for all Latin music lovers out there. The artist which Latin Stars has focused on in this version is Pedro Hernandez, and the song choices on the playlist include, ‘Mi Forma De Sentir,’ ‘La Mujer Que Amas,’ ‘Quien,’ ‘Yo No Fui,’ ‘Los Hombres No Deben Llorar,’ ‘Yo El Adventurero,’ ‘Vamos A Platicar,’ and ‘Si Te Vas.’

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#4 Karaoke: Salsa 4 – Latin Stars

Latin Stars switched it up with their Salsa 4 karaoke CD and added an assortment of artists in their playlist. There are 8 songs in which to choose on the list, but singers can choose to sing along with or without the lead vocal track, which can be a nice change for some with powerful voices. Some of the songs you can expect to find on Salsa 4 are ‘Mi Libertado,’ ‘Pedro Navaja,’ ‘Tu Me Que Mas,’ ‘No Te Quites La Ropa,’ ‘El Roy De La Pultualidad,’ and more.

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#5 Karaoke: La 5ta Estacion

Check out the Karaoke: La 5ta Estacion playlist with 8 amazing Spanish features for you and your friends to enjoy. The songs on this hot list include, ‘Suenos Rotos,’ ‘Me Muero,’ ‘Que Te Queria,’ ‘El Amor No Duele,’ ‘Ahora Que Te Vas,’ ‘No,’ ‘Tu Peor Error,’ and ‘La Frase Tonte De La Semana.’

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#6 Karaoke: Bachata Vol. 12

This is another disc on the list which offers a few unique artists in which to sing along with. You won’t want to miss having this incredible Spanish collection in your karaoke arsenal. The song’s and artists on the list include, ‘Stand By Me’ by Prince Royce, ‘Le Pelicula’ by Aventura, ‘Corazon Sin Cara’ by Prince Royce, ‘Durmiendo Solo’ by Antony Santos, ‘Que Vuelva’ by Alex Bueno, ‘Curame’ by Frank Reyes, ‘El Amor Que Perdimos’ by Prince Royce, and ‘Me Duele La Cabeza’ by Hector El Torito Acosta.

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