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Can you Play Karaoke CD+G on PC?

Not just any drive will do. Your PC must have a drive that can read CD+G subcodes. Once you enter it into a drive, the CD should play an interactive screen that displays images or text, while music plays in the background simultaneously.

For those of us who are used to downloading apps directly from Microsoft servers in updates, you will have to do this the old fashioned way. Don’t worry, manually installing a CD+G drive on your PC tower isn’t as hard as it sounds. Even if it’s not as easy as getting a downloadable program off of a site, it’s still fairly simple and pretty cheap as well.

8 Simple Steps for Installing a PC Drive

  1. Remove the power cord from your PC.
  2. Slide the side of your tower up so the inside of the PC is exposed.
  3. Locate the bay you want to mount your CD+G drive into. Warning: Do not drop the drive while placing it inside the tower ( This can seriously damage the motherboard.).
  4. Push the drive into the front of the tower (the front of the drive should be facing you)
  5. Plug connectors into the back of your CD+G drive. (Use your PC manual to properly connect them by color coordination)
  6. Screw the two main screws into both sides (holds drives in place when they vibrate)
  7. Screw the four fine thread screws into the drive.
  8. Slide the side back onto the case, plug the cord in and it should work.

Are there any additional programs needed to play Karaoke CD+G discs?

I’m sure you heard of Windows Media Player. The sound and interactive text you’ll read will actually come from media players similar to this one. If you’re not familiar with this program, you can download it from several places on the internet. The ideal method of downloading is directly from the official Microsoft website. There are no risks of viruses.

Are cheap microphones and speakers good enough?

Don’t get me wrong, your run-of-the-mill microphone does wonders for your voice in the bedroom, but if you really want to have a good time, spend a little extra on some quality PC mic and speakers. Believe me, you will be happy to have the option of playing karaoke with a crowd. It’s a lot more fun sharing your love of jamming with family members and friends who support your hobby. Even if your singing sounds like a dying cat, at least you can make them laugh with you while singing along.

Can you use free Karaoke Player Software?

Even if you download karaoke software free of charge, you should eventually pay for the official version, unless you do not mind using a limited version of the program. Paid versions are most complete and can provide you with more tools which more effectively feed visual information to your screen.

List of Reputable Karaoke Software:

  • Pilot Song Book Creator
  • Power SCDG Ripper
  • Power CD+G to MP4 Karaoke Converter 2
  • Power CD+G to Video Karaoke Converter 2
  • PCDJ Karaoki Show Hoster
  • PCDJ Karaoki Show Hoster
  • LYRX Karaoke Hosting for Mac Computers
  • Karaoke Video Creator
  • Karaoke DVD Burner
  • Karaoke Sound Tools 2
  • Karaoke CD+G Creator
  • Siglos Karaoke Professional
  • Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder 2
  • Power CD+G Player Pro
  • Power CD+G Burner 2

What should you do after completing all of the instructions?

Now that you have installed your CD+G karaoke software, it’s time to use it. Try to open it from your program folder. When you have entered your Karaoke CD into the new CD+G drive, the software should recognize the CD and some tools and options of the program should pop up on the screen when your CD is detected.

What if it doesn’t work?

As long as you’ve followed the instructions, your PC can be used as a home karaoke machine. If the CD is not detectable by the software, then go back to the instructions and make sure you did them correctly. Mixing up the steps tend to produce less than desirable results.

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