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Top 20 Best Duet Karaoke Songs

The beginning dialogue of duets in a song is very important. It helps set the stage for the entire song. It gives the complete karaoke performance meaning. So it’s imperative that you really commit to the exchange between you and your singing partner.

It may feel ridiculous, but if you do the silly and funny things right at the beginning of the song, the rest of it will fall into place and be a lot more fun. If karaoke night was going to be the highlight of a awesome night out with friends what would be your top 20 songs for duets? Here’s a top 20 of songs that are perfect for duets.

20. “Day-O” – Harry Belafonte

Throw your hands in the air if you’ve heard this traditional Jamaican folk song. It was released by Harry Belafonte in 1956 and harmonizes from the perspectives of dock workers pulling a night shift while loading bananas. It is an awkward karaoke choice, but the amount of fun you’ll have should fill the night. Besides your duet partner the entire room might sing this one with you.

19. Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) – Backstreet Boys

Give me one reason not to sing this song with with your friend for a fun duet. This song was released 1997, but It doesn’t matter if your not a 90’s baby, just about everybody can sing a part this song. The wonderful thing is there are many parts to choose from, you can finesse it in a perfect duet or carry it into a full musical parade.

18. . “Bring Me To Life” – Evanescence

This is a release from 2003 that never dies out. Isn’t it always cool reminiscing about the time in our lives where the song dropped for a rap break midway during a song. Which part would you want to cover during a duet? The chorus or the rap part?

17. “Creep” – TLC

From “no scrubs” to “creep” how could anybody miss the girl and boy groups that took the radio air waves by storm in the late 90’s until the early 2000’s. When TLC “Creep” was released in 1994 the music lovers were reciting the lyrics the next day this incredible is a blast to sing with your closest friends.

16. “Despacito” – Luis Fonsi

After the release in 2017 this became a smash hit on the radio you couldn’t stop listening to somehow. This song became a good karaoke song very quickly. The only problem was, unless you’re fluent in Spanish “Despacito” was pretty hard to sing. Whether you’re belting out Luis Fonsi’s part or Bieber’s, there’s no contest to this being a decent sing along.

15. “The Closer I Get To You” – Roberta Flack ft.Donny Hathaway

Released in 1977 and everyone’s favorite love song today. Unfortunately Donny Hathaway’s death took place after this sweet tune took the billboard charts at Number 2 on the 100 billboard in 1978.

14. “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” – Michael Jackson ft.Siedah Garrett

Being one if the chosen artist that could set the charts on fire alone. Michael Jackson decided duetting with another male with a heavenly voice. These two create a love ballad for ages to come. This love song was recorded July 20, 1987 and released in the same year.

13. “I’m Your Angel” – R. Kelly & Celine Dion

Kelly and Celine Dion combined wonderful voices together for the duet I’m Your Angel. This song was written by Kelly and featured
Dion. Amazingly this song that was released in 1998 clung to the top 100 billboard charts for six whole weeks.

12. “Wild Night” – John Mellencamp ft.Me’Shell Ndegeocello

The flow of energy between Mellencamp and Ndegeocello in the video was very awkward, but the two most certainly had a groovy time exploring the track. The song spent two weeks at number 3 on the 100 billboard chart after being released in 1994.

11. “The Next Time I Fall” – Peter Cetera ft.Amy Grant

This song poses a question many inquired to know. Is falling in love twice the prelude to pandoras box? In this connection of love Cetera and Grant finesse the lyrics about falling in love more than once. This created such a sweet foundation for what love could be after being released in 1986.

10. “I Got You Babe” – Sonny & Cher

In 1965 the Iconic seventies husband and wife Sonny & Cher team up to create wonderful hit during their career. Although many songs touched the charts none were so outspoken like “I Got You Babe”.

9. “Islands In The Stream” – Kenny Rogers with Dolly Parton

Just about 30 years ago the Number one country Song in the ’80s caressed the ears of listeners, after being released in 1983. Pras Michel used this melody from the chorus of ghetto supastar.

8. “Baby Boy” – Beyonce ft.Sean Paul

It doesn’t matter in Beyonce us on her own, paired together or in a trio. Beyonce’s duet with Sean Paul solidified her fifth number one chart maker. This duet blew the charts up after being released in 2003.

7. “My Boo” – Usher ft.Alicia Keys

Because of this song lovers have implemented the cute and cuddly word “Boo” into their list of nicknames for their significant others. The track rocketed to number one and remained there for six weeks after being released in 2004.

6. “I’m Real” – Jennifer Lopez ft.Ja Rule

2001 marks Lopez official billboard climb on the charts. Out of four songs with Ja Rule, this one that took number one on the hit 100’s before Lopez joined the TV panel to American idol.

5. “Dilemma” – Nelly ft.Kelly Rowland

When you think of Destiny’s Child’s Kelly isn’t the first to come to mind, but soon after her groovy tunes finessed the airwaves alone for the first time. After being released in 2002 her “Dilemma” duet with Nelly clung to the billboard charts for an amazing ten weeks at number one.

4. “Ebony And Ivory” – Paul McCartney ft.Stevie Wonder

Not only was this recorded and released on the day I was born in 1982, but this song spent seven weeks at the top of Billboard blazing one hundred. “Ebony and Ivory” works as a fusion to a becoming better friends type of song. The lyrics goes side by side in harmony.

3. “The Boy Is Mine” – Brandy & Monica

This 1998 smash hit duet hypnotize women all around the world. After combining teen forces, Brandy and Monica created the grounds for becoming in all time favorite karaoke duet song undoubtedly for ages to come.

2. “Say Say Say” – Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson

In 1983 if you saw the name “Michael Jackson” and “Paul McCartney” side by side on an album cover the anxiety of hearing these two would have made you jump far out of your seat. When “Say, Say, Say” was released in 1983 the fantastic duet stormed the charts for one and a half months. Many were looking forward to a third single with this glorious duel.

1. “Endless Love” – Diana Ross & Lionel Richie

This song has to crown the list of my all time top twenty duet karaoke songs. This song was released in 1981 and rose to number one on the 100 Billboard charts for nine weeks. After a wapping nine weeks the song clung to the charts for twenty seven weeks. Richie was the mastermind behind the lyrics.

A decade and a half later Mariah Carey and Luther Vandross covered this beautiful song again, bringing a sweet gust of reminiscent life to the listeners ears in 1994.

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