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Top 15 Easiest Karaoke Songs

Finding the easiest karaoke songs to sing is easier than you think, but you need to be aware the easy tunes and the songs everyone already knows. There are 15 songs on this list that will give you some room to improvise, and you can turn the song on knowing that everyone will freeze because they want to sing along.

#15 Achy Breaky Heart

Achy Breaky Heart is the one great hit for Billy Ray Cyrus, but it is a fun song to sing because you can add your own twang to the song just like he was singing in the song. Forget for a second that Miley Cyrus is his kid. Billay Ray gave you a perfect karaoke hit.

#14 Build Me Up Buttercup

Build Me Up Buttercup has a very simple melody, and it is one that people remember as soon as the music comes on. Most people do not even realize what this song is until they start to sing along. Your guests will catch on to the words, and you will have more fun singing purely because the song is so simple.

#13 I’m Too Sexy

I’m Too Sexy has been a bit of a joke ever since it came out, but it is a fun song to sing when you want to have a walk off at your next karaoke party. People instantly turn into runway models when this song comes, and it is a good laugh for everyone.

#12 Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

The Clash made a song that lives on today in commercials and movies. Everyone will know this song even if they are not old enough to remember when it came on the radio. The song has clear words, and the melody is basic enough that anyone can keep up. This is also a rock hit that many people miss when they are doing karaoke because the majority of the playlist is pop music.

#11 Uptown Girl

Uptown Girl is a song that has survived since the 80-s when Billy Joel first came out with it, and it has a very easy melody that you can sing no matter how bad your range is. Most people tend to know this song from some movie or TV show, and that makes it easier to keep up even if you are the youngest person at the party.

#10 Wannabe

Wannabe is the Spice Girls’ anthem for men who want to get with their girlfriends. The band never sung anything hard, and this song will make it very simple for people to get into the mood while they are at the party. The song has clear words that you can easily remember, and it works as warmup for the people who have just arrived at your party.

#9 Karma Chameleon

We all come and go when we hear Boy George sing this song, and we will remember all the words about green and gold. This is one of the easier songs of the 80s purely because it is so simple. The words can be heard clearly, and Boy George made it easy for you to follow along especially if you have the regular vocals playing just a little bit.

#8 Ring Of Fire

The Ring of Fire is the Johnny Cash classic that most people will sing with a smoky voice because that is just how Johnny Cash sang it. This is also a song that moves by so slowly that no one can get lost. People who are new to karaoke will have a time, and the song will not trip up people who are a little nervous about singing.

#7 Shake It Off

Shake It Off is a modern classic by Taylor Swift, but it is easy because it has so few words. Her voice does not have a big range, and the players can easily sit all the words into the song. Also, this is a great karaoke song for girls who are getting together after a breakup.

#6 Hey Jude

Hey Jude is the song that people know because they are always quoting the first line. They do not want Jude to make it bad, and they know the lines because Paul McCartney is such an iconic voice who made that song just for a little both that he wanted to cheer up.

#5 Love Shack

The Love Shack is actually not the easiest song to sing, but it is so long that you can enjoy it for over five minutes. The people who are singing this song could take over one of three vocal parts, and they will love the dramatic pause near the end that reminds us all the tin roof is rusted. That part alone makes the song worth singing at your next karaoke party.

#4 Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia has become popular because of the musical and the movies, but the song was already popular when it came out the first time. People know this song because everyone loves ABBA, and that is why you should try this song at a party. You are reminding people of their youth, or you are taking them back to the moment they learned the song for the first time.

#3 A Thousand Miles

A Thousand Miles has been popular since Vanessa Carlton started playing piano and entranced us all with her voice. This song is easy because most people get to listen to the piano playing for half the song while they catch up with the words.

#2 Stay

Stay is the Lisa Loeb anthem that asked her lover to give her one more chance. She came out of the group of friends that included such stars as Ethan Hawks, but she made her impression first. The song moves slow, and you can hit every word without much trouble.

#1 Say My Name

Say My Name is the easiest song on this list because people already know it. Everyone knows the words to this song because it is a classic from not so long ago. Plus, you do not have to keep up with Beyonce’s vocal gymnastics.

You can try any of these songs at any time, and you can throw your own twist on these songs because they are inviting you to sing them in your own style. Drop an accent into the songs to make them more fun, and remember that you can enchant all your friends with these songs because pretty much everyone knows how to sing them. You do not need to go to great lengths to get ready to sing, and they will steal the show at any party.

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