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Best Karaoke Apps for iOS and Android

You don’t have to go out and purchase an expensive karaoke machine to have a good time with your family and friends, or on your own for that matter! We have looked into the top karaoke apps for your tablet, smartphone, and computer so you can enjoy belting out to your favorite tunes without spending an arm and a leg to purchase an expensive machine.

Many people are also shy and lock up when heading out to a karaoke bar to sing in front of a bunch of strangers. If you are one of these shy performers, have no fear! All of the apps in our list will allow you to join in on the karaoke fun on your terms, and in the comfort of your home!

#1 Sing! Karaoke by Smule

Our favorite karaoke app of the bunch has to be ‘Sing!’ by Smule; Smule is a well-known music program which helps users identify and listen to their favorite music.

Now that the company created a karaoke app for music lovers, you can search through a seemingly endless library of classic and current hits in which to sing your all-time karaoke favorites!

What’s more, you can record duets with your friends, or with a backing track of your choice. Smule’s ‘Sing!’ comes equipped with advanced filters which will improve the sound quality of your performance; so, you can be confident when sharing your talents with the world through social media!

Download for iOS or Android

#2 The Voice: On Stage

If you are a fan of the infamous singing competition hit, The Voice, then you have to download The Voice: On Stage! You will not only feel like you are on the show, but you can enjoy all the glory of your epic performance by recording it with impressive audio and video features.

Search through a massive library of hits to find your favorites, and put on the show of a lifetime for yourself, your friends or the world! Once you’ve created your own karaoke video or audio recording, scroll through the library of karaoke performances recorded by other users to find new friends!

Download for iOS or Android

#3 Yokee

Yokee is one of the most unusual karaoke formats we discovered in our search, and for that reason, it had to be in the top three! The creators of Yokee really make you work for it if you don’t want to put real money into the app.

Initially, users receive 20 credits, which will allow you to record one karaoke performance. Once you use up your initial credits, you can either choose to subscribe to the service to unlock all songs or listen to complete selections without the option to record your voice with it to earn credits. With each “audition” in the app users receive four credits toward their currency total. Yokee definitely has an interesting concept which is worth a try!

Download for iOS or Android

#4 StarMaker

StarMaker is one of the more straightforward apps at the top of our list. You get all the best parts of karaoke in an easy-to-navigate app with tons of song choices in its library.

One of the most appealing features of StarMaker is that you get tons of options in which to spice up your performance. Adjust volumes, tones, backing-tracks and so much more to personalize your karaoke recordings.

Download for iOS or Android

#5 SingTrue

Another of the unique karaoke apps on the list doesn’t feel much like a karaoke app at all upon closer inspection; nonetheless, it deserves to be at a top position on this list!

Have you always wanted to take vocal lessons but were too shy to sing in front of anyone, so you never pursued the option? SingTrue has lots of vocal lesson-style recordings of professional singers who offer their wisdom and guidance. The app also provides over 30 vocal exercises to help you hone your skills as a performer.

You can even track your vocal progress as the app automatically keeps note of how your vocal ability changes and improves.

SingTrue is an excellent app for those who aspire to strengthen their confidence in singing. Get over your fears and prepare to wow the crowd on karaoke night by training with SingTrue!

Download for iOS

#6 Red Karaoke

Red Karaoke offers every music genre one could imagine with over 70,000 songs to choose from in the karaoke library. This is another app which allows you to record both audio and video tracks with tons of customization options to tweak your performance to perfection.

Once you’ve created the perfect karaoke video, connect to social media and share your content with the world to become the next big hit!

Download for iOS or Android

#7 Karaoke Anywhere

This is one of the most robust apps we could find! Karaoke Anywhere has a plethora of selections in its library with over 40,000 songs to choose from!

Now, even though the app offers a massive library of songs, users can only access a fraction of them unless they subscribe to an upgraded version of the app.

Don’t worry if you aren’t interested in pouring money into an app just to sing karaoke with your friends, the free options available on Karaoke Anywhere are karaoke classics with a few unique songs thrown in there; so, you are sure to keep yourself entertained without spending a dime!

Download for iOS or Android

#8 iKaraoke

One of the most customizable apps on the list has got to be iKaraoke. This karaoke app allows you to upload songs you already have through Safari and various mail apps.

Do you have a massive iTunes song library? Upload all of your iTunes music onto iKaraoke as well to create a truly personalized karaoke experience. Not everyone wants to put on a show when singing along with their favorite music, so choose to sing with your microphone off, so there is no fear of the dreaded accidental recording showing up on your phone or social media!

Download for iOS or Android

#9 Karaoke For Kids

The title is pretty self-explanatory on this one, and you can’t leave the kiddos out of karaoke night! Karaoke For Kids is a unique karaoke app created solely for the younger musicians in your family. There are 20 preloaded kid-friendly songs to choose and two different way in which to perform.

Whether your little star wants to belt out there favorites on their own or sing a duet with a sibling or friend, they can choose to record their excellent karaoke experience to share with the family!

Download for iOS or Android

#10 Sing Along Christmas Carols Free

Although the title is a bit obvious and perhaps lacking in imagination, we couldn’t help but add this holiday-inspired karaoke app to the list!

If you love the Christmas season as much as we do, then you’ll love singing along to all your holiday favorites in this family-friendly Christmas Carol karaoke app. The best part about having Sing Along Christmas Carols Free is you can sing your heart out to your favorite carols any time of year!

Download for iOS

#11 KaraFun

KaraFun is another highly customizable app which offers an impressive selection of controls. Not only can you use the standard volume controls for backing tracks and music, but you can also adjust the style of the font in which your lyrics will appear and the background display itself.

KaraFun comes with thousands of songs to browse through, but you can also upload songs you already own.

Download for iOS or Android

#12 Karaoke Mode

Thankfully, we found yet another karaoke app which offers completely free services to those who download! Karaoke Mode is one of the most straightforward karaoke apps out there in the sense that there isn’t much distraction or fluff on the user interface.

Just choose the songs you want to sing, create personalized track lists, and pop on your headset for the best sound experience when recording for your friends!

Download for Android

#13 MusixMatch

If you’ve ever been strolling through the mall or sitting in a restaurant and heard a familiar tune play overhead that you couldn’t quite put a name too, then you should consider getting MusixMatch.

MusixMatch will prevent this maddening event from ever occurring again by identifying and pulling up lyrics of any mystery song playing in your vicinity.

Although MusixMatch is first and foremost a music player with seemingly magical abilities to identify music it hears, you can also tap into the karaoke portion of the app to sing along with scrolling lyrics and record your performances to share with others!

Download for iOS or Android

#14 SingSong Karaoke

The SingSong Karaoke app is another simple to follow and straightforward karaoke apps. Though you don’t get very many options as far as song titles to choose from, you do get scored for how well you sing on the app.

Think of it as being like RockBand or Guitar Hero, the better you sing, and the smoother you can perform each song, the more points you gain on the app!

Download for Android

#15 SingSnap Karaoke

There are over 1,000 songs to choose from when you download SingSnap karaoke, but you get so much more than that with this incredible karaoke app.

SingSnap is a very social app which allows karaoke singers to connect with other artists who share similar likes and singing styles. Browse through the plethora of user content to find your new karaoke BFF! Don’t forget to sync your SingSnap account to your social media to keep up to date on your new friends and to share your karaoke recordings with the world. Who knows, you may just become the next big hit by putting yourself out there!

Download for iOS

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