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11 Tips for Singing Karaoke Duet

A karaoke duet is great way to bond with your friends, and it is one of the best options when it comes to presenting your singing skills. Duets let timid singers share the stage with those who are more confident in their ability. If you want tips on how to be the best duet duo possible, check out these 11 tips that will amplify your karaoke game without a doubt!

1) Pick a Song You Both Love

This might seem like an obvious, but many people pick famous songs from movies or TV shows they think are crowd pleases without actually knowing the songs lyrics. It helps if you pick a song that is your jam because you already know the words. Plus, you and your partner will be able to focus on delivering a solid performance if you already know the beat of the song!

2) Harmonize Your Vocals

If you and your partner have contrasting vocals, try to pick a song that works to your advantage that will help you harmonize your voices. You can go high if your partner goes low. It never hurts to practice before your duet debut either to see who can hit the notes.

3) Get into the Groove

Add some dance moves to your song! Getting groovy never hurt anyone, and synchronized moves can elevate your karaoke performance to the next level. Work the crowd and prepare to amaze all of your friends with a stellar performance. A little choreographing can go a long way when it comes to a karaoke performance. Shimmy and shake to make everyone’s jaws drop as your break out in song!

4) Prop Your Way to the Top

You can never go wrong with props as they add comedy and flair to a routine. Hats, wigs, or even stuffed animals can help you illustrate the songs lyrics. Think kitschy and cute for the best props when it comes to your song of choice. Play off of them with your partner and the audience for a roaring good time.

5) Seasonal Favorites are Always a Good Idea

Holiday songs are a great thing to sing year round, but they are even better in the proper season. If it is Christmas, there is only one choice, and we all know what it is: Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You! A loud holiday classic like this is beloved and known by all. Do not be shocked if your duet becomes a wild chorus of fun as everyone joins in to sing. Of course, there are other great holiday songs that set the mood and help you bring cheer to all those around.

6) Fancy a Drink?

Liquid courage can help you get over any initial fear and warm up your vocal chords. It is a win-win situation! Do not go overboard, but a couple of drinks before it is time for your duet can help ensure that you an your partner are ready to sing. Tequila shots might be going overboard, but fruity cocktail is an ideal way to get you in the mood to sing.

7) Take Risks and Go All Out!

Don’t be afraid to let your glamorous selves shine. Karaoke is stage for those who dare to wild. Coordinate your costumes, pick your best song and let your voices charm the audience because this is your moment.

Add in a light show or a auto-tuned microphone where you sound like the next best pop star. A glittery jacket or a slinky dress also do wonders to set the stage for your karaoke duet. A costume change can help enhance your performance and raise it to the next level. A little risk never hurt anyone when it comes to ensuring you have the best act of the night.

8) Don’t Sing in a Foreign Language!

Whatever you do- do not sing in a language you do not know! This is only going to set you up for disaster. People do not want to hear made up lyrics, and it really is not a fun time bouncing around and only humming a tune when you should be singing. Pick a song where you and your partner both speak the language, or at least the language for your respective parts.

9) Country is the Way to Go

A good old country western song makes great duet. Many are easy to sing due to their love lorn lyrics and easy chords. Pink your favorite anthem and sing the night away with your partner.

10) Make it a Competition

A friendly competition never hurt anyone. Throw in a vogueing contest against your partner, or a see who can reach the highest note in your duet. Raise the stakes and place a bets against each other to see who can get the crowd the most hyped. A competition can get your blood pumping!

11) Sing Your Heart Out!

When in doubt, sing your heart out! Belt out the words like their is no tomorrow. Karaoke is about having fun and enjoying this time with friends. Do not be afraid of showing off your skills because this is your time to shine. You and your partner should be having fun, and singing is a great stress reliever.

Use this duet to get rid of any unwanted anxiety and just be free! There is no doubt the louder and crazier you sing then the better it will be for both you and your crowd. Karaoke is about letting loose, and this is your duet’s time to shine!

If you use these tips to your advantage, you are sure to have the best karaoke song of the night with your duet partner. Use these ideas to establish your reign as the royalty of karaoke in among your friend group. Chances are you will be hard to beat, and the ones to get the night going at every singing session!

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