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Best Karaoke Games for Xbox 360

Singing is a great way to have fun with the whole family, embarrass your friends or get a party going. One of these 7 karaoke games is sure to be the perfect fit for your next gathering. It can be a little difficult to choose the right karaoke game for your next karaoke party, but with an Xbox 360 and this list, you will be ready to make the right choice.

Some of the games are perfect for singing together and others will bring out your competitive side a little more. Regardless of which game you choose, you’re sure to have a great time. So pick up your microphone, turn on your Xbox and let’s get singing!

In addition to the Xbox 360 Karaoke Games presented below, there are also plenty of Karaoke Games for Xbox One, Playstation 4, PS3, Wii, Wii U and Nintendo Switch available.

The short answer: Best Xbox 360 Karaoke Games

  1. The Voice (Bundle)
  2. Band Hero featuring Taylor Swift
  3. Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol Encore
  4. Karaoke Revolution Glee: Volume 3
  5. Disney Sing It
  6. Lips Number One Hits Bundle
  7. Lips: Party Classics

#1 The Voice Bundle With Two Microphones

The Voice is now one of the more popular singing competition shows in America, so it only makes sense that their game would be one of the more competitive ones.

The game comes with two microphones for you and a friend or family member to battle it out.
There is a voice coach mode which allows you to warm up with different singing and breathing techniques that are used by actual singers on the show.

With 30 hits to choose from, you can either sing along to your favorite rock, country, R&B or pop song.
In the game’s party mode, you can sing along with up to 7 different people, so don’t hesitate to invite everyone over for a great night of singing along.

If you impress the in-game coaches enough, you can watch them compete for you to join their team.
Overall, if you love watching the voice or are competitive, this might be the perfect karaoke game for you!

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#2 Band Hero Featuring Taylor Swift

If you like Guitar Hero, you’re going to LOVE Band Hero. The game supports all Guitar Hero instrument controllers within the same gaming platform, so you can choose to rock it out or sing along, or even get your whole band of friends or family together to play your favorite songs, even with up to four lead singers! With the two different modes; Party Play Mode and Sing Along Mode you can rock out no matter what your style is.

In Party Play Mode, you can jump in or out of a song whenever you want with just a press of a button. In Sing Along Mode you can sing together karaoke style on any song you choose.

Band Hero allows you to completely customize your experience by creating your own unique avatars and even your own personal band. You can also import your Xbox 360 avatar if you like.

There is no limit to your rocking out with downloadable content available from Guitar Hero World Tour and other Guitar Hero downloadable content you can download straight into Band Hero.

Band Hero supports both local and online multiplayer, so no matter what your style is, you can enjoy rocking out to Taylor Swift or the Jackson 5 with your friends or complete strangers online.

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#3 Karaoke Revolution: Presents American Idol Encore Bundle

Step into the spotlight and become an American Idol in your own home with this fun game for Xbox 360. Karaoke Revolution which is rated 70 on comes with a microphone and the EyeToy USB camera to help you enhance your singing voice and practice rising to the top.

There are over 40 songs to sing along with in Karaoke Revolution: Presents American Idol Encore Bundle that were actually featured in the show itself. If you sing well enough, there is exclusive video content from American Idol that you can unlock as you play along.

This game can also help you bring out your competitive side as you can compete with up to 8 people with online multiplayer.

If you love American Idol, this game may be the perfect match for you to sing your heart out.

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#4 Karaoke Revolution Glee: Volume 3

If you love Glee, this game is perfect to bring you back to the beginning. Sing along with up to 35 songs from season 2 of the hit show and show your spirit. Perform alongside your favorite characters from Glee in different memorable performances from the show itself.

There is also downloadable content that allows you to download all the songs from the first two games!
With online leaderboards you can compare your scores with other Gleeks online to keep the competition going.

Because Glee is a team effort, there are different multiplayer modes for you to sing along with up to 6 different players. Put yourself at center stage and reminisce all the greatest moments from the show as you sing along.

Although no microphone is included, the game is compatible with any Xbox microphone.

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#5 Disney Sing It Bundle With Microphone

When it comes to singing along, Disney is always a crowd favorite. Sing along to 35 hit Disney songs from Hannah Montana, Aly and AJ, Camp Rock and more!

This game has a Metascore of 53 and also includes a vocal coach to improve your singing, hosted by none other than Demi Lovato! Demi can teach you and your children how to harmonize, breathe properly when singing and show you the right pitch exercises to master your singing voice.

Disney Sing It also comes with a microphone and the ability to download new song packs so the party never has to end.

There are several different modes including Versus, Duet and Team play to give you exactly what you need from a karaoke game, competition and harmonizing! If you’re looking for a real challenge, you can put on a live solo or duet concert in Gig mode by playing your own personalized set list of five songs back to back.

This game is perfect for families with children or adults that love old school Disney Channel.

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#6 Lips: Number One Hits Bundle

Lips: Number One Hits got a Metascore of 70 and also comes with a wireless, motion sensitive LED microphone, so you have everything you need to rock out! This mic gives you the ability to move freely and truly feel like a rock star while you’re singing.

Lips Number One Hits includes 40 top hit songs by artists like Jason Mraz, Lady Gaga and more to sing along with and additional packs you can download from Xbox Live to keep the party going!
With avatar customization, you can rock out your way and unlock special accessories as you advance in the game.

For your competitive side, there is Lips LIVE where you can view the leaderboards and download different add-ons to enhance your experience, including different languages packs!

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#7 Lips: Party Classics

Our final game today is another Lips classic that will keep your party going as long as you need it to.
While this game has a rating of 69 on and does not include a mic, it is compatible with all Xbox 360 mics, so just grab a mic and you’re ready to sing.

Lips: Party Classics includes 40 classic party songs that you and your friends will love singing along to by artists like KISS, The Spice Girls and more.

Like all Lips games, you can design your personal avatar to feel more connected to your singing and unlock achievements as you sing along.

If you’re feeling competitive there are also different gameplay challenges that can enhance your singing experience. You also get to watch the original music videos while you sing, which is a Lips trademark.

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