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Best Karaoke Games for Xbox One

The Microsoft Xbox One is the newest addition to the XBox franchise. The game boasts new graphics and a strong CPU. This is one of Microsofts most versatile machines yet. Introduce Karaoke games to go along with the XBox One and you have yourself one powerful machine that can make anyone into the next Justin Bieber.

Karaoke games have long since been a favorite with the XBox franchise. This is no different with the XBox One. The Karaoke games available for the XBox One have new technologies that can create videos of participants. The videos can then be uploaded to YouTube.

For those who do not own a Xbox One, Karaoke Games for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, Wii U and Wii might be more interesting.

The short answer: Xbox One Karaoke Games

  1. Let’s Sing 2016
  2. Just Sing – Xbox One Standard Edition
  3. Now That’s What I Call Sing 2
  4. The Voice (Xbox One)
  5. We Sing Pop 2

#1 Let’s Sing 2016

Let’s Sing 2016 is one of the older versions of Karaoke for this review. This is one of the only games that can be played by a single player. When you sing along to the Let’s Sing 2016 karaoke game you are scored by the computer. The computer is looking for a perfect score out of the players. There is no smartphone companion app for this game. When you play Let’s Sing 2016 you use a USB microphone that plugs directly into the XBox One game console.

Let’s Sing 2016 is not one of the most popular karaoke games. This is a fair price considering the age of the game. When there are so many other games out there that do the same thing, why would you select to buy this one? This is not a popular game because of the lack of a companion app for the smartphone. If you are one who wants to sing karaoke by yourself often then this is the game for you.

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#2 Just Sing

Just Sing is a Karaoke game for the new XBox One. They have a companion app for your smartphone. The companion app is available for both Android and Apple. Your smartphone becomes your microphone and video camera. Simply put you tap the app and open it. The game turns on and you sing along to your favorite latest tunes by the likes of Meghan Trainor, Justin Bieber, and more.

There are more than 2 thousand songs you can select from. Available in the offline version of the Just Sing game is only about 2 hundred. This is one of the Karaoke games that is not getting much attention and rave in the reviews. There are many who are disappointed in it.

The biggest complaint is that the game does not seem to be too much of a karaoke edition, rather a sing-along edition. There are also complaints the Just Sing game has been underdeveloped. When you take all this into consideration, you must ask yourself would you pay the small price tag for it?

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#3 Now That’s What I Call Sing 2

Now That’s What I Call Sing 2 is a fun and interactive game of Karaoke. This is one of the games where you can play by yourself. In single-player mode, the player will play against up to 3 CPU’s. The player who sings the best without messing up the lyrics is the winner. If you want to play with friend’s simply add up to 7 others with you. The competition will be graded by the game and the winner will be determined by who performed the best.

This game comes equipped with one USB microphone. The players can pass the microphone. Players can also download the companion app from their smartphone and turn their phone into a microphone. The companion app is available for Android and Apple. When you think about the 30 songs you get to select from and the fact that it comes equipped with one USB microphone, you do not seem to think the price tag is too much to pay. There are songs by Years & Years, Walk the Moon, John Newman, Cold Play, and many more.

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#4 The Voice

The Voice karaoke game for XBox One is based on the popular reality television show The Voice. There are many popular newer songs for players to select from. When you think this game sells for such a price used, it must be worth all the hype. There are songs like Uptown Funk, KissMe and many more.

There is a companion app that goes along with this game. Players compete against one another, like in the reality show. The winner is the one who performs the song the best. By this, we mean the player who does not go off track and sings the song nearly or perfectly. When you think of all the reality television shows out there and all the karaoke games for XBox One, you think this should be a popular game.

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#5 We Sing Pop 2

This is one of the most interactive games on the list. The We Sing Pop 2 is a game that allows users to sing karaoke to some of today’s biggest hits. Not only are the hits from today, but they are from yesterday as well. This karaoke game comes with 5 decades of pop songs for users to select from. When you use this game you will not be disappointed.

We Sing Pop 2 comes with 2 USB microphones for users to sing along. There are 8 game modes. Users can sing along solo, or with others. When you are using this game not only will you get the latest and original hits but you will also get to see the original music video for the song you are singing. Whichever mode you are singing in you will have fun with this game.

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Final Words

No matter the karaoke game you select for your XBox One we are sure you and your family will have fun with all of them. There are some that come with microphones and others that come with interactive apps for your smartphone. These use the latest technologies to make the games. When you use the karaoke games for XBox One you are going to have fun. Try one of these games this holiday season.

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