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Karaoke Machine is not reading CDs? These Household Products will help

You need to have some troubleshooting steps ready when your karaoke machine does not read the discs because this can put a damper on your karaoke night. You might have wondered how you could even make this happen, and there are a few ideas below that will help you keep your CDs working as they should be.

Someone who is trying to save their CDs for just a little bit longer might want to buy any of the small items listed below to make their CDs come back to life, and the cleaning process turns out to be very simple in all cases.

These 10 Household Product can help when the CD is the issue

1. Water

You could wash off your CDs with lukewarm water to help get any dust and dirt off the surface. This is a fairly simple process, but you must be sure to use a clean cloth or whammy to clear the CD once it is clean.

These cloths will not leave any extra material like a paper towel would, and you be certain that the CD will shine. You might need a more serious solution, and you will find those below.

2. Toothpaste

You can use any toothpaste you want, but it is best to use a standard white toothpaste that you can get at any grocery store. The toothpaste has to be extracted from the tube and rubbed onto the CD very slowly with your fingers.

You can make circular motions with the toothpaste to get a full clean on the surface, and you must cover the whole of the CD before you start to wash off the toothpaste with water. You want the CD to shine when you are done, and you can test the disc to see if it is functional.

Do not use any toothpaste that a scrubbing element or any sort of texture. The toothpaste must be completely smooth as it cleans the surface of the CD.

3. A Polisher

You can purchase a polishing substance like Brasso because it can be used with a special polishing cloth on the surface of the CD. The polisher that you use needs to be applied gently to the surface of the CD, and you need to use the polishing cloth to get a clean on each part of the CD.

These products are not all the same, and you must choose something that is a pure fluid. Do not get any polisher that has any sort of texture to it. You can polish all your CDs in this way, and you can test them. This particular method might prove to be the easiest just because these products are made specifically for polishing any surface quickly.

4. Wax

You might not have thought of using car wax because you believe that car wax is made for metal. However, there is so much more going on with the wax that can be helpful to you when you are cleaning CDs. You can use a car wax that you will apply with a cloth.

The cloth allows you to break the wax down just a little bit, and you will get a smooth clean over the surface of the CD. You will use car wax much more slowly and gently than the other solutions, and you must wipe it away after washing with water. Do not get any wax with a special treatment. You cannot get any other chemicals on the surface of the CD.

5. Floor

Polish You can use floor polish which is mostly oil, and you can rub that polish on with the same kind of cloth you would use on your floor. These oil-based cleaners are usually very slippery, but they will pick up any dirt and debris that is on the surface of the Cd.

Do not use too much of the oil because it might be hard to get off the CD, but it will help you get rid of any dust that you could not see yourself.

6. Furniture

Polish The spray polish that you get your furniture can be very helpful because you simply spray it onto the CD. You can get just as much coverage as you need, and you will see the CD come clean in an instant. There is no need for you to find a bottle to pour onto the CD when you can spray it on right here with no trouble.

7. Eye Glass Cleaner

Eye glass cleaner can be just as helpful, but it is much easier to wipe away after you have cleaned the CD. Be sure that you have had a look at the eye glass cleaner you have in the house because you can usually spray it onto the CD.

Use the same cloth you would use to clean your glasses, and remember that you can see the dirt fall away because the cleaner will hydrate it enough to be removed.

8. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is not the first choice of most people who are trying to repair their. CDs, but this is a great choice because it can be rubbed onto a CD just like you would rub on any other cleaning product. You can wipe off the peanut butter or clean it off with water before testing the CD.

9. Car Shine Clay

You can use car shine clay which is actually a putty made specifically for getting the dirt and dust off a car surface. You can pull it all over the CD to pick up dust and dirt that you would have missed otherwise.

10. Banana

You could cut a banana in half and run the exposed surface over the CD. This makes it very easy for you to clean the CD because you leave very little residue, and you can wash the CD before testing.


Your karaoke machine will be much happier when you put clean CDs in the slot, and you will hear the difference when your CDs finally play the way they are supposed to for your next karaoke night.

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