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Best Karaoke Machines For Kids

Nowadays, everyone wants to be a star, and the children in our households are no exception to this new rule. If you happen to have a budding performer under your roof and are looking for a way in which to nurture their passion for music, then why not consider purchasing a karaoke machine that is appropriate for their age?

You might be thinking that a karaoke machine seems a bit much, but you would be surprised at how affordable they can be, and how kid-friendly the industry is starting to make them!

It can be somewhat overwhelming to know where to begin when scouting for the best karaoke machines for your kids, but have no fear; we have compiled a top ten list of all the best devices we could find!

All you have to do now is sit back, grab your coffee and follow along with our list of karaoke machines we believe will help your rising star to shine! Stick around at the end of the list for a few tips on how to make the best final decision for your child’s karaoke machine!

#1 Singing Machine SML385UW Bluetooth Karaoke System

Our list kicks off with the Singing Machine model SML385UW system. This little powerhouse not only kicks out plenty of volume to keep your guests and singers thoroughly entertained, but you also get an exciting light show when the 54 built-in LED lights come to life during each performance.

This model of Singing Machines Karaoke System comes with additional auxiliary cables to hook up your machine to your TV or other devices. So, you are never stuck in one place or with one way in which to project your karaoke performance.

This version of the Singing Machine karaoke system is probably best for children ages 6 and upwards due to the semi-advanced dials, controls, and options that come with the machine.

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#2 VTech Kidi Star Karaoke Machine

The Kidi Star karaoke machine by VTech is a family-friendly version of the pedestal style systems one might find in a professional karaoke bar.

One of the most appealing features of this 4’5″ adjustable pedestal stand is that you can insert karaoke discs or connect your mobile devices through Bluetooth or line-in methods to play songs from your personal library.

There are eight built-in songs in which your children can perform and 6 games they can play to improve their singing and performance skills.

If you are looking for a decent karaoke system for your toddler, ages 3 and up, then the VTech Kidi Star karaoke machine is the perfect option to help your rising star shine!

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#3 Kidzlane MP3 Player Karaoke Machine

The Kidzlane MP3 karaoke machine is equipped with an easy-to-grab handle and two attached microphones each with their own volume controls.

The best part about this karaoke machine is the built-in SD card which can hold up to 100 songs. Although the system is clearly created for young children, ideally toddler age and up, the features are much the same as the machines you might buy for an adult.

Merely use your Bluetooth enabled smartphone or tablet to connect to the machine and upload your child’s favorite playlist to sing.

If your child is old enough to grab onto the handle and toddle around with the system, then they should have no issues using the Kidzlane karaoke system to put on a great show for you!

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#4 Singing Machine Kid’s Pedestal Karaoke System

Yet another karaoke system by Singing Machine, this one is a kid’s pedestal machine which offers a comfortable experience for children aged 2 years and older.

There are tons of fun voice changing effects to keep your little performers entertained and even recording options so you can save the moment for other family members and friends to enjoy.

You won’t have to worry about your toddler falling over if they are trying to use the machine for support either, as the base of the system has an anti-skid feature to keep the karaoke machine from moving during use.

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#5 iKaraoke KS303W-BT CD&G Karaoke System

The karaoke system resembles a brightly lit boom box upon first glance, but on closer inspection, you will note that the radio-style system is actually a karaoke machine!

Each of the speakers on the system offers an LED light show of sorts so your kids will have a blast dancing around in the effects while they perform for you.

This system only comes with one wired microphone but does give you the option to add another through auxiliary cables so you might want to be sure you purchase an extra microphone if you have more than one singer in the house.

Because of the impressive amount of features and controls on the face of the unit, this karaoke machine is meant for older children, perhaps 10 years and older.

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#6 Singing Machine SML-283P Karaoke Player

This is one of the most classic karaoke players you could buy for your little superstar. It’s completely portable with a comfortable handle on the top of the unit so your child can take their karaoke machine with them on car rides, school trips, or to sleepovers with friends and family.

Keep in mind when looking at machines like this one, that not all options will allow you to connect to your phone or tablet to stream personal playlists. Although you cannot connect your devices to this karaoke machine, you can utilize the CD+G player to insert your children’s favorite music to sing.

The Singing Machine SML-283P karaoke player is a pretty standard unit so you could get away with gifting it to a child as young as 5 and older as the buttons and functions of the device are simple enough for young children to handle on their own.

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#7 Singing Machine Minions CD+G Karaoke System

This version of Singing Machines karaoke system is created specifically for young children who have an affinity for those blue and yellow characters we all know and love as, the minions.

If your little performer can’t get enough of their minions, then you must consider getting this karaoke system for them. Use the front load CD+G player to insert your child’s favorite karaoke CD and listen as they belt out their favorites in their own voice, or as a minion!

There is only one wired microphone which comes with the Minion Singing Machine so you will want to keep this in consideration if you have multiple kids in the house. The system is entertaining and straightforward to use for most ages, but the starting recommended age would be 4 and older for this karaoke machine.

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#8 Little Pretender Kids Karaoke Machine

If you are worried about buying a karaoke system which uses CDs that your younger children may scratch or break, then you will want to consider a device like the Little Pretender Kids Karaoke Machine.

This sturdy little machine is made to withstand the excitement, as well as the fits, of a toddler. If you have two young children in the house, then this is absolutely one of the best choices due to the two corded microphones which come attached to the karaoke machine.

You can easily connect other devices to the karaoke machine to customize your child’s performance through Bluetooth, USB, AUX cords, inserting an SD card, or using the included FM radio functions.

The Little Pretender Karaoke Machine for kids is perfect for littler performers ages 2 and older as the buttons, and other functions are large enough for little fingers to manage.

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#9 Disney Princess K02-06005 Disco Ball Karaoke System

For all the princesses in your life, we give you the Disney Princess karaoke system. The entire unit looks similar to a plastic toy set with a beautiful image of all the most popular Disney Princesses in front of Cinderella’s castle on the front.

Each side has an easy to grab handle so your children can comfortably move the system without needing assistance. The top of the karaoke machine has a disco ball light show that comes to life when your child performs.

As many of the karaoke machines do, you can hook up your smartphone through Bluetooth to project a personalized playlist from the built-in speakers. If you are worried about the lack of display for lyrics on the unit, have no fear as the creators have attached a dock in which to hold your smartphone while your child puts on a show for you!

Because of the size of the unit and some advanced features, you will want to purchase this one for your slightly older kids, around ages 6 and up.

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#10 Penguin Karaoke Buddy

So, this is probably the most adorable option on the entire list, and once you take a gander at the Penguin Karaoke Buddy, you will instantly see why!

The cheery, light blue penguin holds a yummy vanilla ice cream cone that also doubles as your toddler’s microphone! The device comes preloaded with kid-friendly tunes in which your child can sing and coo along.

Your little one will love pressing the buttons that create exciting animal sounds and choosing to alter the tone of their voice as they use the Penguin Karaoke Buddy system.

If you couldn’t tell already, this adorable little buddy is best for your youngest children, aged 1 and older. The system is not difficult to handle and is incredibly sturdy so you won’t have to worry about it breaking after being dropped from a high-chair or on a hardwood floor.

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How To Pick The Best Karaoke Machines For Kids?

As promised, we want to help you figure out the best karaoke machine for your children. Each one offers different benefits and functions, so we want to make sure you are asking yourself the right questions before making your final decision.

How Old Are Your Kids?

The first, and possibly most important question to ask is how old the children are who are intended to use the machine? If you are purchasing something like the Penguin Buddy for an older child, they may feel as though you gave them a baby toy in which to play.

If you want to make sure that you are getting the most age-appropriate machine for your child, make sure you are looking for the age recommendations and take your child’s personality and performance traits into consideration as well.

What Forms Of Music Are Used?

This might seem like a strange thing to ask, but if you are buying a karaoke machine for a toddler, you may want to consider one that does not use a CD or disc that can get scratched by being dropped or mishandled by tiny hands.

Though many machines offer the ability to use both discs and Bluetooth or radio formats, you may want to consider one that comes preloaded with music or one that does not require a CD to use if you are buying it for younger kids.

Older children don’t require as much help with things like loading CDs or choosing functions, so you have a bit more freedom when looking for a machine for your kids.

How Many Performers Are There?

Another strange question, but would you prefer to have your children fight over one microphone? Make sure that when you choose the karaoke machine you want for your kids, that the device will support enough microphones so that nobody feels left out when it comes time to put on a show.

Some machines come with multiple microphones, and some only come with one but offer the ability to plug in various units to the device.

Not only is making the best decision on your karaoke machine purchase best for your kids, but it will also save you the headache of listening to your kids argue because they can’t use the karaoke machine at the same time. Use the above list to find our favorites and don’t forget to ask those probing questions about the functions and abilities of the unit you plan to purchase.

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