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Best Karaoke Machines which come with two Microphones

Let’s be honest here. Karaoke is cool, but handing around a single microphone at a karaoke party so that anybody can sing at some point is quite annoying. A second microphone allows to people to sing simultaneousely and opens up cool new uses like sing battles and duets.

Depending on your Karaoke Machine buying an additional mic might be expensive. It’s way more clever to look for a karaoke machine which comes with two microphones in the first place. In this article we will cover the best models which include two mics.

#1 Karaoke USA GF840 System

Are you looking for karaoke machine which is easy to use and your kid can play songs off his/her device? This karaoke model is best suits your needs, it has a Bluetooth wireless speaker. It is also easy to setup thereby easy for them to use.

This machine has a remote control, records a voice and has instant playback. It also has a great sound that kids absolutely love it. It also has a digital color screen.

If you still having CDs then it works with no problem. Karaoke machine has great features that are easy use and fun for all ages. Has 35Watt Power output which includes two microphones, with individual microphone volume control.

Apart from CDs it also plays DVD/CDG/USB/SD/MP3G and has a record function as well. If you have a machine that works with either smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, then this works well since it has a universal cradle that can accommodate most personal devices.

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#2 Singing Machine isM1030BT

Do you want to say goodbye to boring nights? This machine model can do so and revolutionize your karaoke night as well. Singing Machine isM1030BT is fully featured and will turn karaoke upstart into a completely fledged pro.

It is always ready for the occasion and always gets the attention by grabbing the stage presence, not forgetting its playback and superb recording quality. The singing machine offers many ways to record and listen to your music, it also accommodates different music formats including CD+G, MP3, CD’S.

It has a voice recording feature which enables it to rip graphics from CD to MPS. With its powerful tower speakers this system has it you need to be a party animal for any party, work function and wedding or night at home. The dual speakers also give an amplified sound and easily fill a large room and even outdoor venue.

It also has a dual-channel mixer that is able to support two microphones. Furthermore, it has USB ports that allow you to record any performance directly to other USB storage or flash drive.

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#3 Croove Party Box Karaoke Machine

Maybe you looking for easy music connectivity machine that can rock your house. Well, this can be a jackpot, it is a highly rated karaoke machine that makes house rock. It plays Bluetooth, SD card, AUX IN/OUT or USB enables easy music connectivity.

The powerful speakers provide dynamic sound that is loud enough for both indoors and outdoor venues. Power adapter allows you 11 hours continuous of playtime surprising with a single battery charge.

This machine is portable, you can get music anywhere, anytime with this easily portable machine that has a strong carrying handle. This machine can be fun for kids and adults at parties, wedding, or even family gatherings.

Has advanced audio controls, with record and playback function to let you listen to your turns and harmonize them as well.

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#4 Electrohome Karaoke Speaker

Do you need a backup singer? Electrohome karaoke via AVC singing coach helps you learn lyrics of your tune. It gives you back if you forget some words.

High-quality speakers that play MP3/CD/CD+G enable you to have fun at home singing music. You can view your music lyrics by connecting the karaoke machine to any TV for a bigger view. Use the auxiliary input to stream online karaoke songs from your Samsung,iPad,iPhone, HTC or laptop.

Has two microphone inputs, used for singing duets with family or friends and Karaoke disc with different types of hit songs, which are definitely enjoyable to listen. Has got voice enhancing effects such as Digital Echo Control, this will blow you away as it makes you sound confident, rich and in tune.

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#5 RHM Portable Bluetooth Karaoke Machine

In case you looking for a small size, portable machine, then this karaoke machine by RHM best fits you. And the Bluetooth as well makes this machine likable. AUX in USB/BT/Micro USB/TF support external devices like iPad, mobile phone, PC and TV.

Karaoke machine with two wireless microphones. Who doesn’t like the golden color? Well, majority love it. The microphones are available in golden color. It can be used in different types of singing APP (mobile phone) and usage broadcast in KTV and also enjoying music, meeting, and speech.

Built-in speakers with loud, crystal-clear audio, one dedicate Bass speaker and two treble speakers. This gives good music in your home. Thanks to DSP technology as it makes your microphone humane hence your voice sound more pleasant. This can make you feel good about your voice and entertain other people as well.

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#6 NYC Acoustics Karaoke Machine

Looking for house party system, there it is, it’s also perfect for Light DJ setups, home use, and other applications. Has 700 Watt speaker with Bluetooth, USB, SD, and MP3 display. These speakers are loud enough.

Also includes power cable, remote, wireless microphone. The built-in wireless forty-nine Bluetooth range allows user stream music through MP3 player or Bluetooth phone, built-in FM radio, USB/SD MP3 music player, Echo function and Volume control.

The microphone has an auto-off function, this reduces the power consumption. You can enjoy karaoke with your friends with this machine, it works with iPhones, pads, Androids, televisions, and laptops. The decorative LED flashing lights create a theatrical environment to sing. The seventeen-foot RCA cable is very easy to connect, kids can do so. Level control for line and mic input.

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#7 Croove Karaoke Machine

First, this one of the Karaoke machine 2 microphone device for everyone. Therefore, If you are searching for a machine which is not age biased. Then, this can be the one. Entertainment for all everyone regardless of the age. Powerful speakers, AUX cables, an adjustable stand which can hold a mobile device, microphones.

Five music connection modes: More options for playing music along with professional sound quality, can connect music easily using USB, SD card, AUX or Bluetooth connection. You search for free music to sing along to.

Two microphone and independent volume control: A flexible, adjustable stand enable hand-free singing for adults and kids. Four volume controls, Echo control, and Bass enable you to customize the karaoke machine.

Offers lasting durability and quality performance makes a terrific birthday, wedding or Christmas gift that will be appreciated and loved for a very long time.

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#8 Karaoke GF842 System

Offers Bluetooth wireless connectivity and enable enjoy thirty-five watts of power with LED lights. The LED lights synchronize the music while singing your songs with family and friends. The digital screen enables you to read the lyrics far away. Have a disc player which support CDG, CD, MP3, DVD, MP3G karaoke formats. The digital screen also lets you watch the DVD movies.

If you are two singers then you can connect included microphones to the two-quarter inputs on the front panel, then you adjust their levels and put echo effect. Has a key function for pitch adjustment, allowing vocalist’s singing range.

You can sing and record your performance and download onto USB flash drive. you can play it back. This machine control and three hundred songs on two discs.

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Karaoke Machines with two Microphones – How to Choose the right one?

When searching for karaoke machine you have to consider some aspects: the hardware and software. In addition to speakers the microphones are part of the physical components. Unfortunately, it is tough to compare the different karaoke systems by their operating software that is why for now we will focus on the hardware aspects.


When buying a karaoke machine you need to check the screen size. It should be big enough to be able to read the lyrics. Some screens also play video games so you have to consider it. If you buy this karaoke machine primarily for your kid, you want to make sure that the screen is not too high or that the angle of the screen is adjustable.


The included microphones are obviously one of the most important parts. Depending on your need it might be good to look out for karaoke machines with wireless microphones, mics which have built-in speaker phones or special microphones with lights. However, in all cases the mics should be well-built and durable.

Size and weight

The measurements of your prospect karaoke machine are important when you intend to take the machine to different places on a regular basis. A heavy weight can limit portability and makes it harder just to “grab and go”.


The power usage has, of course, an impact on your energy costs, but it’s also a great indicator for the appropriate usage of a specific karaoke machine since small toy karaoke machine require less power than professionell equipment for large gatherings.

You can estimate 5 to 20 Watt for kid machines and smaller spaces, 30 to 50 Watt for adult karaoke machines and 60+ Watt karaoke machines have enough power to blast the music at parties and truly large gatherings.


Additional features such as recording capabilities, storaging of karaoke songs and different controls to alter the voice come in handy. Although they are not essential for using the karaoke machine a high-pitched voice of a baritone is almost guaranteed to end up in a lot of laughter.

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