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Best Karaoke Machines which can Play Youtube Songs

If you have always wanted to get your own karaoke machine for hosting karaoke parties with your friends, but you haven’t been looking forward to spending a lot of money on karaoke CDs, then you will be happy to know there are new options out there!

Once upon a time, you could only go to a karaoke bar or purchase CD+Gs to sing along to your favorite tunes on a karaoke machine. Now, with the advancement of technology, you can enjoy a karaoke night using free Youtube videos with your karaoke machine by seamlessly connecting it with your mobile devices.

Before you grab the first one with Bluetooth capabilities, make sure you look into all the features which will help to make your performances great. Check out some of the best karaoke machines below which offer the availability to rock out for free to Youtube videos!

#1 Croove Karaoke Machine

The Croove karaoke machine for adults and kids is the best system for aspiring performers who love to sing along to their favorite Youtube covers. The karaoke machine itself lies at the base of a mic stand with two adjustable arms for positioning the microphones for each singer.

With the ability to connect the Croove to Youtube through Bluetooth, you can easily sing along with thousands of free songs. Although there isn’t a display to help you along with lyrics you are not yet familiar with, the mic stand does offer a dock for your tablet or smartphone.

So, if you need a bit of help remembering the lyrics as you perform for your friends and family, just glance down at your conveniently docked device to follow with the Youtube video.

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#2 Karaoke USA GF842

The GF842 system by Karaoke USA has some fantastic features to accompany your Youtube jam session. If you are looking for a karaoke machine that will increase your experience by enhancing sound quality, then look no further than the Karaoke USA GF842.

Each microphone has updated Panasonic cartridges to deliver the sharpest audio you can find in a system. You can also use the system as a light show while you perform with your favorite Youtube videos.

The system also doubles as a light show; so, if you are looking for a karaoke machine that will offer the entire package, as well as play videos from Youtube, then you have found it in the GF842.

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#3 Rockville 8″ Portable Bluetooth Karaoke Machine

What better way to show off your karaoke skills by taking the Rockville karaoke machine wherever the party is!

The Rockville portable karaoke machine is fully compatible with all of your Bluetooth enabled devices, so when you are ready to start the show, all you have to do is connect your device and start up your Youtube video.

The Rockville karaoke machine offers 4-8 hours of playtime on the included battery and can connect to any device up to 35 feet away in as little as 4 seconds!

This is indeed the best Youtube compatible karaoke machine for people who like to show off their musical talents to others. If you are one that loves to stand in the middle of a town or city and belt out for all to hear, then this is the machine for you! It also doubles as an amp as you can connect your instruments to it too!

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#4 Singsation Performer Speaker

If you tend to host a lot of parties, then the Singsation performer speaker karaoke system is the perfect machine to enhance your events.

The machine itself appears to be a mic stand from a studio at first glance. The speakers and light show the Singsation offer are placed on the base of the stand but pack a powerful punch with their functions; both light and sound will fill the entire room once you get the party started with free Youtube songs!

Place your mobile device on the available dock and connect to Youtube to start singing along with thousands of songs. You can use many different functions to turn up the heat on your performance or give everyone in the audience a giggle with various voice effect controls.

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#5 Singtrix Karaoke System

The Singtrix karaoke system is the perfect machine for anyone who wants to try their luck at creating their own covers of songs. The system will seamlessly connect any of your mobile devices for streaming thousands of Youtube videos.

There are over 300 effects to select on the machine and plenty of editing freedom when trying to record your own content for Youtube.

As the Singtrix is the only karaoke machine to be endorsed by celebrities and has appeared on shows like SharkTank and Ellen, you know you are getting the best quality for your money.

Don’t just sing along with your favorite Youtube covers, create your own and put yourself out there by recording your performance and sharing it with the world!

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#6 Croove Party Box

The Croove karaoke machine is indeed a party in a box when you consider all of the features it includes. Not only will you be able to sync your devices to the machine to play free songs on Youtube, but you can also take the party anywhere as the Croove is safe for both indoor and outdoor venues.

The Croove puts out some incredible sound, so you don’t have to worry about the size of your venue. This karaoke machine can sync to any device within a 35-foot range and doesn’t make you wait longer than 4 seconds either!

When you are ready to put yourself out there, connect your phone or tablet and start-up Youtube to select your favorite songs to sing to the world!

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#7 Karaoke USA GF840

Though similar enough to its GF842 sister, the GF840 karaoke machine offers a few other features you might want to consider.

The GF840 karaoke machine comes with two microphones; one of them is wired, the other is wireless for easier mobility and crowd work.

It also comes with a wireless Bluetooth speaker so you can create a surround sound experience. Because this karaoke machine comes with a remote and connects seamlessly to your devices, you could even use it to listen to you Youtube music as if from a stereo. That way, if everyone is done singing, for the time being, you can still use the system to play music while you mingle!

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How To Pick A Karaoke Machine Which Plays Youtube Songs

There are a few things you can consider before making your final purchase on a karaoke machine which plays Youtube songs. Many buyers are merely looking for a karaoke machine for a family night which they can connect to Youtube to save money on CDs.

Although there is nothing wrong with that idea, let us go over a couple of questions you should ask yourself first.

What Kind Of Performance Value Are You Looking For?

Many people are just looking for a means to up the playlist for karaoke night, but there are also plenty of people out there that wish to share their talents with the world.

Youtube is such a fantastic way to show off your skills to people, but if you don’t have the right equipment to enhance the quality of your videos, then you might not be doing yourself any favors.

If you are one of those people who wants to use the machine as an interim study for producing Youtube covers, then look for ones that give you lots of voice control options and editing features. There are even a few models out there that allow you to share your recordings from the actual Karaoke Machine.

What Kind Of Editing Options Do You Want?

Now, concerning the editing features. Most karaoke machines offer echo, bass and treble controls, but plenty of devices will give you hundreds of options to tweak your sound.

However, if you are just getting a karaoke machine which plays Youtube videos so your family can sing along to their favorite music, then you don’t need to spend the extra funds on extra features that you more than likely will not use.

Do You Play An Instrument?

If you like to post up on a stool or chair and strum along while you sing karaoke, then you should definitely consider a model that include auxiliary inputs for your instruments as well.

Although there are not a ton of options out there that provide this, there are a few that offer exciting ways to make your performance more comfortable for you.

Being able to sing along with a Youtube karaoke track and show off your skills as a musician is sure to grab the attention you are looking for when you put your own videos out there!

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