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Best Karaoke Microphone Mixers

If you are planning to invest in a microphone system, whether it is solely for your weekend tradition of hosting a karaoke party, or you have a major corporate event coming up, then you will want to stick with us to find out which systems are the bets on the market.

Although a lot of them look very similar and offer much of the same features, you really have to consider what you are using the microphone mixers for, who is using them, and what quality of sound are you looking to produce.

It might seem a bit overwhelming at first, but rest assured, we have scoured the selection online and have come up with a few karaoke microphone mixers we think will do the trick for your next karaoke night or another event.

#1 Ammoon Karaoke Sound Mixer

The Ammoon sound mixer is a product sent from heaven for those who need something portable and won’t take up much room when traveling. Though much of the items on this list offer a similar size, the Ammoon karaoke sound mixer just seems to be the right fit for those looking for an affordable option.

Singers will enjoy all the echo, tone, and volume controls of the more expensive options, at an affordable price, and without sacrificing for the quality of sound.

Though this is probably one of the only units we found which does not come with its own microphone, you can still plug in ones you already have by taking advantage of the dual microphone inputs on the front of the system.

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#2 Innopow 80-Channel Dual UHF Microphone System

The Innopow system has the highest number of channels available and offers some of the most impressive features of any of the systems we could find.

Not only does the system itself come with two wireless UHF microphones, but the system also offers singers the ability to hook up to 5 receivers and 10 microphones to the Innophone UHF Microphone System.

Because the system supports so many devices at one time with little to no interference, you can use the Innopow microphone system for your next big corporate event, or another major event in which you will have multiple performers or speakers at one time.

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#3 Fifine Wireless Karaoke Microphone System

This impressive little wireless microphone system by Fifine provides 2 UHF microphones when you purchase their karaoke system.

The filters on each mic are made with metal, instead of plastic, so the opportunity for your performance to be interrupted by scratchy feedback or whining tones are significantly lessened.

Although the entire system comes with just two microphones, the mixer itself has an input for a wired microphone should you have a need for one.

The last feature of the Fifine wireless karaoke mic system we want to discuss is the ability you have to adjust the volume and controls on each karaoke microphone individually from the mixer box. This way, you will never have one voice overshadowing the others because of volume issues!

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#4 Asani Wireless Handheld Mic System

The Asani system is one of the first we encountered which offered a second antenna on the mixer. Because of the addition of a second antenna, Asani is ensuring that your microphones frequencies will be picked up with no issue for a seamless and interruption-free performance.

Feel free to roam around the room as you sing or speak as the Asani wireless handheld microphone system gives you a substantial 80-foot range in which to wander from the mixer.

Another great feature of the Asani system is that it too can alter the tone, volume, echo effects and more of each microphone from individual settings on the mixer.

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#5 Pyle Professional Wireless Microphone System

The Pyle Pro system offers 8 channels in which to tune the 2 available wireless microphones up for karaoke, speeches, or other uses. This system provides a broad frequency response range and offers a superior sound filtering system which lowers the occurrence of sound distortion and interference.

If you plan to host multiple corporate events, karaoke parties, or events in which various people will need to speak to a crowd, then the Pyle Professional system is one of the best you can find on the market.

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#6 GTD Audio U-35H UHF Wireless Microphone System

The GTD Audio system only offers 2 channels on its receiver/mixer, so you will only want to consider this option if you just have one or two people wanting to use the system.

The GTD Audio U-35H Microphone system would be perfect for a dorm room, apartment, or another small venue in which you plan to perform karaoke with friends.

Although you can only use one of the 2 available microphones at one time, you do get a massive amount of room in which to use your mic with the mixer. You can move an impressive 300 feet away from the unit without losing your connection, so you can only imagine the performance possibilities with the GTD Audio system!

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#7 Rybozen Portable Karaoke Microphone Mixer System

One of the most exciting things about the Rybozen portable karaoke mixer is that you can quickly hook up the unit to your TV or stereo system to instantly turn your office, living room, or other small space into a karaoke party!

You can enjoy up to 100 feet of free movement as you will not lose a connection with the mixer and your microphone within this range. You can control the volume, echo feature, and the tone in which you sing with easy to handle rotary knobs on the mixer.

Because the controls are so easy to use, any member of the family can easily maneuver the features on the Rybozen portable karaoke microphone mixer system.

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#8 Pyle Dual Channel Wireless Microphone System

No, you are not seeing double. Pyle shows up twice on our top microphone mixer list because of its ability to create impressive devices which will work just as well in the office as they will in your living room.
No matter what event you are trying to nail down a system for, you are sure to enjoy the features and benefits you get from a Pyle system.

Each Pyle Dual Channel wireless mic system offers 2 antennas for smooth and seamless connections to your microphones. The system will connect with any frequency from 174~216MHz, and offers superb sound quality with connected devices.

You will also never have to worry about whether or not your devices are actually powered down because Pyle has added easy sliding on/off switches on the microphones as well as the mixer.

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How To Pick The Best Karaoke Microphone Mixers

Not many people will be searching for such a specific device, but those who do need to look into a few options before pulling the trigger on their final decision.

What Functions Are Available?

As we said at the start, not every mixer will offer the same benefits and features, so you’ll have to check out what each of the functions does on the mixer to tell whether or not it will suit your needs. Do you want to control the echo of your voice? Perhaps you only want to use one microphone at a time? Whatever your wants and needs are in the area of functions, make sure they are included before you make your purchase.

How Many People Will Be Using It?

You will also want to be sure that you are purchasing a unit that will either provide all the microphones you need or at the very least support the use of more than one or two microphones at one time.

Another thing to consider when asking yourself this question is how quickly you want to be able to control the volume on each microphone. Make sure that you purchase a device which allows you to address each mic individually for the best sound quality!

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