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Best Karaoke Microphone Toys for Children and Toddlers

Everybody loves to sing along to their favorite soundtracks and music on the radio, and our children are no exception to that rule! It can be just as exciting for you as it is for your children when you give them the perfect karaoke microphone to serenade the family with.

Watch as your little performer comes to life with some of the best karaoke microphones and toys made for children and toddlers. There are quite a few options out there, so we did the honor of finding some of the most popular options on the market.

#1 LuckyMore Wireless Karaoke Microphone

Let’s face it, when kids sing into a microphone, they think it has to be shoved into their mouths for anyone to hear them perform their little hearts out. Luckily, the developers of this children’s karaoke microphone kept this in mind and included a triple layered built-in high-quality sponge filter that will diminish all the air and wind sounds caused by over-excitable stars.

The LuckyMore karaoke mic won’t look like your typical microphone which is the case with many of the child and toddler versions. The shaft of the mic is much thinner and more comfortable for little hands to grasp and carry, and the control buttons can be easily found on the housing.

The bottom of the microphone even offers a series of bright LED lights which your child can switch to their favorite color!

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#2 Shayson Wireless Karaoke Microphone

Every wireless karaoke microphone, whether it is made for kids or adults, is going to have a battery to charge. So, you want to make sure that you are purchasing one that will give your little star as much performance time as they can muster.

The Shayson mic offers anywhere from 3-5 hours of singing time, so your child is not likely to get bored before the battery runs out, which also means no temper tantrums to deal with while it charges!

Another excellent use for the Shayson wireless karaoke microphone is that it doubles as a Bluetooth speaker. That means when it is time for naptime, all you have to do is turn on their lullabies and let them drift off to sleep with the soothing multi-color LED lights which are built in.

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#3 BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

The best part about purchasing the BONAOK microphones for your kids is that they come in many different colors. Since you can choose a different color for each one of your kids, there is no reason for them to argue over whose microphone they are using.

All the control buttons you need to put on a memorable performance are right on the housing of the mic, which also doubles as a high-power Bluetooth speaker.

Your children can enjoy up to 5 hours of singing time, and you will enjoy the high-quality filter which lessens the sound of feedback.

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#4 KOMVOX Kids Karaoke Microphone

As with many of the kid’s karaoke microphones on the market, the slim and sleek design of the KOMVOX karaoke microphone for kids makes it more comfortable for them to hold than traditional microphones.

The microphone itself has a broad base with 7 built-in LED lights which your child can change however they like. You can also set up the microphone as a wireless Bluetooth speaker when it’s not being used for singing and will keep a battery charge for up to 5 hours.

You can also use your micro SD cards in the KOMVOX microphone, so if you have songs already on an SD card, all you have to do is insert it into the mic to sing along!

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#5 WISHTIME Toddler Karaoke Microphone

You will definitely want to choose this karaoke microphone toy if you have a little toddling performer in the family! It’s an adorable toy microphone with brightly colored, easy to push buttons which are pre-set with various sounds and songs for your little one to babble and sing to!

There are two volume controls built-in to the small plastic microphone toy, so if your little singer is more like a screamer, you can choose the quieter option of the two.

Among the other features of this microphone toy for toddlers is the inflection feature which changes the sound of your child’s voice. Not only can they sing along to favorite children’s tunes, but they can be silly and change their voices while they do it!

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#6 Ncknciz Kids Microphone

As with many karaoke microphones for kids, this one from Ncknciz doubles as a Bluetooth speaker as well as a powerful karaoke microphone. On the durable housing of the unit, there is a high powered speaker which will make sure everyone in the room will hear your little stars voice loud and clear.

One of the nice things about this microphone is that it will be equally powerful outdoors as it is indoors. So, if you are having a barbecue or backyard birthday party, just hook up your children’s karaoke microphone to a Bluetooth enabled device to get the karaoke fun started!

The battery in this microphone holds up to a 3-hour charge, although it isn’t the most extended battery life out there, it will definitely stay on long enough to keep your kids entertained for a while.

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How To Pick the perfect Karaoke Microphone Toys For Children orToddlers

There are so many unique styles of karaoke microphones out there, and each one of them offers something a bit different. Whether it’s battery life, LED lights, or control features, you have to consider what your child will want to be part of their experience, and what you might deem as unnecessary or excessive.

How Many Do You Need

There are not many out there with different color options, but if you have multiple children to buy a mic for, you will definitely want to take advantage of giving them each a unique color. Not only will this help them find their microphone, but it will also get rid of all that nasty bickering between siblings.

How Old Is Your Child

Some children who are older might want more extensive features than say a younger child. If you have an aspiring performer on your hands, why not surprise them with a karaoke microphone which will let them change the effects of their voice, and even record.

You also want to consider your child’s age when purchasing a karaoke microphone because you won’t want to buy an expensive one if you have a toddler who may throw it.

What Options Should It Include

One of the options that you will want to consider right off the bat is how long the battery will last at full charge. If your child is going to be using their microphone non-stop, then you will want to make sure you find one with long battery life.

Again, if you are purchasing the mic for someone who wants to take their musical talents to the next level, you might want to search for one that gives them various editing options or features. There are even some that will connect to other devices; so, if they perform with an instrument, you might consider searching for one that can connect to them.

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