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Best Karaoke Microphones For iPhone and iPad

You don’t have to own a karaoke machine to have a blast singing your favorite songs! You can even host a karaoke party without having a system. How, you might ask? Well, we found some of the best karaoke microphones which are compatible with the iPhone and iPad.

So, if you are looking to have your own personal karaoke party, then consider purchasing a microphone that can sync with your device to create the complete karaoke experience.

Below we have a sampling of a few of the top choices on the market, see if any of them inspire the karaoke star in you!

#1 BONAOK 3-in-1 Karaoke Microphone

If you have children, then you know just how tedious long car rides or spouts without anything to do can be. When you have children who love to perform, sing or put on plays, then you have to get them a karaoke microphone which will pair with your iPhone or iPad through Bluetooth.

This means that you will be able to play Youtube karaoke videos for them or MP3 files from your phone so they can sing along.

The BONAOK karaoke microphone comes in many different colors so you won’t have to worry about your kids fighting over who has which one.

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#2 KaraoKing Portable KTV Machine

The portable KTV machine by KaraoKing is one of the best microphones you could get to connect with your iPhone or iPad. First of all, the mic itself has a dock to hold your device, so the entire thing is like a handheld karaoke machine.

On the housing of the mic, as with many wireless versions, you will find multiple control options including echo, volume for voice and music, echo control, and more. There is also a high powered speaker built into the system, so you don’t have to worry about the sound coming out flat and unappealing.

You can honestly put on a great show for your friends and family, and all you need is the KaraoKing portable Karaoke Machine and your iPhone!

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#3 BONAOK Upgraded Karaoke Microphone

Are you searching for something that will appease your young performer, but will also save your ears from hours of amplified teenage singing? If this sounds like you, then consider getting the upgraded BONAOK microphone. The system not only offers built-in LED lights, but you can plug your headphones right into the housing beneath the volume controls.

In the same location, you can slide in your SD card to sing your downloaded music, or plug your microphone into your iPhone or iPad with a USB cord.

The best part about this microphone is that you get all the options of typical wireless karaoke mics without the hassle of bothering your loved ones with loud singing. Just pop on your headphones and lose yourself to the music!

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#4 MicPioneer 3-in-1 Multi-Function Bluetooth Microphone

Not all Bluetooth technology is created equal, and that is what sets this microphone apart from the rest! Don’t you get tired of having to reposition your phone or scrambling to move closer to it before losing your connection?

When you use the MicPioneer Bluetooth Microphone, you can enjoy the freedom of moving up to 32-feet away from your iPhone without losing your connection. So, if you already know the words to your playlist, set your phone down and mingle through the party while you perform your favorites!

When you keep the mic on a full charge, you can enjoy up to 8 hours of uninterrupted karaoke or speaker use. Although most people use this as a karaoke mic, you can use it as a Bluetooth speaker as well.

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#5 Hmovie Wireless Karaoke Microphone

The hmovie karaoke mic is built to withstand the most grueling performances! The structure of the device is solid and gives you a sturdy feeling in your hand.

The sound system developed for the built-in speaker of the microphone has a superb bass diaphragm for a more profound, and rich sounding performance.

You’ll love the studio quality you get when you connect your hmovie mic to your iPhone or iPad to perform your favorite karaoke hits. What’s even better is that you don’t have to hold onto your phone while you perform. As long as you know the lyrics to your songs, then you can walk around the room and really get into your performance without the worry of losing your Bluetooth connection.

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#6 Domezan Bluetooth Speaker Microphone

More and more people are using their karaoke mics as a Bluetooth speaker while they aren’t using it to jam with their family or friends on karaoke night.

The Domezan Bluetooth microphone comes with an incredible mini sound system which puts out some of the best sounds of any on the market. You also get an LED light show built right into the speaker, but there is an option to turn this off if you should so choose.

There is a Samsung battery in the Domezan microphone, so you know you are getting a quality lifespan from your mic’s battery. The last thing you want to do is get a new microphone with a battery that craps out in a few months. On a full charge, you can enjoy 4-6 hours of use with the Domezan Bluetooth speaker microphone, whether as a singing mic, or a Bluetooth speaker.

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How To Pick The Best Karaoke Microphones For iPhone & iPad

When purchasing any new electronic device, there are a few things you want to look at before making your final decision. First of all, you never want to purchase from the “low to high” price category when looking for an electronic; because, as the old adage says, you get what you pay for! Make sure to ask yourself a few questions about what you are looking for in the device and then make your choice!

What Features Should Be Included?

Do you want to record your families performances on karaoke night? Are Bluetooth features vital to you, or are you ok being tethered to a device by a cord? Do you want to be able to adjust various controls while you’re performing? These are just a few of the questions you can ask yourself about what you are expecting out of your karaoke mic.

Can You Use As A Speaker?

Let’s face it, in this day and age it’s always nice to have a Bluetooth speaker around. Whether you’re doing housework and need an easy way to carry your motivational music with you, or you like to listen to music when you study, a Bluetooth speaker can really come in handy. There are a few options out there in which you can use the microphone as a speaker. If this is something you’d be interested in, make sure it’s a feature included in your choice!

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