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Best Karaoke Microphones for PS4 and PS3

You don’t have to have a karaoke machine to enjoy a karaoke night with your friends or family, all you need is a PlayStation 3 or 4, your favorite singing game, and a microphone or two to help you sing along.

Games in which you can emulate a performance have become increasingly popular over the years. Between all the karaoke games, RockBand, Guitar Hero and other titles which let you sing to popular hits, you have plenty of options to get your jam on!

If you own a few singing games, a PlayStation 4 or 3 and are looking for some of the microphones which are compatible with your system, then stick around and check out our favorite selections below.

#1 TPFOON Microphone

The TPFOON mic is fully compatible with nearly every console, including both the PlayStation 3 & 4 models, as well as your PC. This USB microphone offers a 13-foot long cord, so you don’t have to worry about kissing the screen to enjoy singing along with your favorite tunes.

An excellent feature of the TPFOON microphone is that the mic cartridges will pick up even the weakest of voices. So, if you have a shy entertainer on your hands, you don’t have to worry about their sound being drowned out by the party as the microphone will pick them up loud and clear.

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#2 Gam3Gear Universal Microphone

No matter which PS4 or PS3 model you own, you will be able to enjoy using the Gam3Gear microphone when playing Rockband, Guitar Hero, or another game which will let you perform songs from your favorite artists.

You can also enjoy high-quality audio with the Gam3Gear microphone as well. With the advanced audio capabilities of the receiver and the offering of a 10-foot cord, you don’t have to turn anything down or hush the party to avoid feedback while you are performing for friends and family.

Keep in mind, however, that before cranking up your PlayStation and popping in your favorite karaoke game, you must first configure the microphone to your console and the game in the settings menu. This will ensure a seamless experience with the most accurate scoring available.

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#3 NEXiLUX Universal Microphone

If you want to make sure that you are getting a microphone that won’t let you down when it comes to sound quality, then consider the NEXiLUX for your next karaoke mic. It is fully compatible with all PlayStation models, and most other consoles as well as computers through its universal USB connection.

While you are playing your favorite karaoke or singing games, enjoy the crisp, clear sound of each singer as they take their turn to entertain.

Although we couldn’t find an exact length on the cord of the microphone, it is reasonably long enough that you don’t have to crowd your TV while performing.

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#4 Mad Katz Universal USB Microphone

The Mad Katz microphone is not meant for newer consoles, as it is only compatible with the PS2, PS3, and the original XBox console.

So, if you are still playing on an older console, make sure you get this affordable option from Mad Katz to get the best sound quality during your games.

This universal microphone offers the same high-end sound quality at a far more reasonable price and gives you 10-feet of cord space to make the most out of each singers performance. Not only does the microphone make each singers voice ring loud and clear, but it leaves the most natural sound to your voice, rather than those microphones that tune everything.

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#5 J+T Karaoke Microphone

The J+T karaoke microphone must be configured for your system and the game you will be playing when you first use the device. Once you’ve made sure that everything is synced up correctly choose your song and start serenading your friends and family with this PlayStation compatible mic.

Gamers who use a PS4, PS4 Slim, PS4 Pro, or PS3 can all enjoy the freedom of roaming around the room with this 10-foot corded mic.

The J+T karaoke microphone is fully compatible with any of your karaoke or performance games, so it doesn’t matter if you are rocking out on Guitar Hero, or passing the mic on karaoke night with Sing It popped in your system, you can enjoy crystal clear sound with the J+T karaoke microphone.

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How To Pick A Karaoke Microphone For PS4 + PS3

Most microphones on the market offer a lot of the same features. A lot of the ones we featured on this list were the corded, more affordable options.

You’ll want to consider a few things before making your final decision, however. So, let’s go over quickly what you should think about before making your selection.

How Durable Do You Want Them To Be?

Affordable options are great, but unfortunately, the old adage rings true, ‘You get what you pay for.’ Buyers can usually find complaints about durability and the quality of each microphone by searching the customer reviews on the product.

If you are only purchasing one or two for your home, and you know they will be well taken care of, then any style microphone should do just fine.

How Important Is Sound Quality?

Another thing you must consider when purchasing a microphone is how well the sound quality will be portrayed. Just because you found a receiver that works with your system does not necessarily mean it will perform the way you want it to.

Make sure that you are looking into what kind of quality mic cartridges are in the device you choose and you should be happy with the performance when you receive it.

Will It Work With Your Games?

Possible the most important question to ask is whether or not the mic you choose will actually work on your console or PC. Though most of the microphones available on the market have universal qualities and work with most games and consoles, you must really read the fine print to make sure you aren’t going to purchase the wrong unit.

For example, most of the microphones on the above list were compatible with both the PlayStation 3 and 4; however, there was an option or two that only worked on the older consoles. As long as you are making sure to keep diligent in your research and checking closely on the specifications of each microphone, then you shouldn’t have any problems when you receive it.

Who Will Be Using Them?

If you have children in your household who enjoy singing karaoke with you, then you should consider them as well when making your purchase.

If you are worried about them breaking the microphones, then perhaps one of the less durable and more affordable options would be appropriate for you.

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