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Best Karaoke Microphones For TV

Karaoke is one of the most exciting things you can do with your family or friends. Not everyone has the funds to go out and splurge on a karaoke machine for their household though.

Have no fear, for there are options out there for us inner performers! If you have a smartphone, a smart TV, and a karaoke microphone, then you have everything you need to create a karaoke party your guests will not soon forget!

If you aren’t sure where to start with the whole process, stick around, and we’ll walk you through some of the top options on the market for karaoke microphones you can connect to your TV!

#1 BONAOK 3-in-1 Portable Karaoke Microphone

This is one of the most fun microphones out there for karaoke because you can choose from a variety of colors. It’s also a good idea to find an option that lets you select different colors and styles, so your guests don’t forget which mic is there’s. This technique will also save you from inevitable sibling temper tantrums if you are buying them for family nights.

There is much more to offer than bright colors; however, the BONOAK provides an incredible sound system in such a small package. Connect your BONAOK wireless microphone to your Smart TV or plug it in with a cable you don’t have a Bluetooth enabled TV.

One of the other interesting features of this microphone is the available port you have for plugging in a headset. When you can connect a headset into a microphone, that means you aren’t bothering other people in the house by amplifying your voice. You will still be able to work on your singing voice and pitch without irritating others. Consider something like this if you live in an apartment!

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#2 JQP Toys 2 Set Karaoke Microphones

Not many companies will give you two products for the price of one, but that’s precisely what you get when you buy the set of two karaoke microphones from JQP Toys.

Both microphones will seamlessly connect to your Smart TV through Bluetooth, or you can plug them in with the appropriate cables for the television you have.

You will enjoy a 30-foot range when you use this set of microphones, which means you can easily roam around the room to optimize your performance, rather than being stuck to one spot in front of the television.

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#3 U-Kiss Wireless Microphones

Enjoy some of the best Bluetooth connectivity you can find anywhere with these high-powered karaoke mics from U-Kiss. Each one will hold a connection up to 80-feet away from the device you have it connected to.

So, this means that when you have your karaoke microphone hooked up to the television with your favorite lyrics on the screen, you can wander around the room and get the crowd excited with you. You’ll be able to sing without the worry of losing your connection during your performance.

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#4 Domezan Bluetooth Speaker Microphone

This is one of the first ones we came across that you could use in more ways than one. Although many of the Bluetooth microphones on the market offer a lot of the same qualities, not every company produces those qualities in the same way.

When you buy a Domezan speaker microphone, you are actually purchasing a karaoke microphone which will also work as a Bluetooth speaker for parties or when you want to relax with some music, and a recording device.

Singers will enjoy having a full 6 hours to sing along to their favorite hits with the high powered battery in the mic. And, of course, who could forget that the speaker lights up!

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#5 Sanovo 2018 Wireless Karaoke Microphone

You will not regret your purchase when you buy the Sanovo karaoke mic. You not only get beautiful studio-quality sound, but the developers give you a 12-month guarantee. If you aren’t happy after having this microphone for a year, they will completely refund your money!

The most essential feature of this device is that the built-in Bluetooth speaker will push out the sound in every direction. So, no matter where you are in the room, everyone is sure to hear you.

The speaker, which is wrapped around the middle of the microphone, doubles as a light show with pulsing lights glowing as you sing. Don’t worry about the lights draining your battery either, as you have up to 10 hours to sing on a full charge! You can easily connect to your TV through Bluetooth or use a USB or auxiliary cord to do so.

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#6 Mugig Karaoke Microphone

There is a built-in DSP chip within this karaoke microphone so you can expect to get professional-quality sound when you connect this baby to your TV. The battery within the device will hold an impressive 10-hour charge while you perform your favorites.

If you happen to be part of the population who cares for our environment, and Mugig hopes that you are, you will love the environmentally friendly materials used to make the mic.

Though they are strong and sturdy with a comfortable hand-feel, the Mugig karaoke microphones have been certified safe for the environment by the FCC; ROHS; and CE. With all the issues surrounding pollution and species of animals becoming extinct because of significant companies neglect, it’s nice to see a company which cares for what they are putting out into the world.

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#7 BONAOK Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

This is another microphone that you can easily connect to your television through a reliable Bluetooth connection, or through connecting the device to your TV through cables.

The built-in studio-quality speaker not only produces incredible sound during your karaoke performance, but it also offers a light show of LEDs which follow the beat of the music!

You get so much stage quality when you purchase a BONAOK microphone that you will forget the giant karaoke screen you’re looking at is your television.

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How To Pick The Best Karaoke Microphones For TV

Here are a few suggestions on what to think about when you are deciding on a karaoke microphone which will connect to your TV.

How Much Range Does The Mic Have?

We don’t mean the vocal range, of course. You will want to consider how big of a performance space you have, and how far you want to be able to move away from the TV. Make sure that when you are looking at the features of your karaoke microphone, that you are taking into account the Bluetooth connectivity range for optimal mobility.

How Long Is The Battery Life?

Another important feature is the battery life. Though every karaoke mic has its own battery, not every battery is as good as the next.

If you are planning to use your mic for a karaoke party or another long event, you will want to make sure the battery life isn’t going to kill the party halfway through the night.

How Many Do You Need?

Although this might seem like a silly question to ask yourself, there are a few reasons why you should ask yourself this. One good example is if you have more than one child using them. Make sure you find a mic with multiple color options, so they don’t get mixed up between singers!

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