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Best Karaoke Microphones Which Have Built-In Songs

One of the most frustrating things about owning your own karaoke system is having to purchase all those CDs or spend hours downloading MP3s. If you have children who love to sing and have a karaoke night with the family, then you should definitely consider buying a karaoke microphone with songs already built-in.

Typically, they are for younger children, and they are entertained long enough for it to be unnecessary for you to purchase anything else. If you aren’t sure where to start with them, check out our list of the top karaoke microphones which have songs already built-in.

#1 MagicSing MP30 Smartphone Karaoke Microphone

The first mic on our list is probably the only one that is considered for all ages in the family. What’s great about this option is that you get a free one-year subscription to MagicSing karaoke, which offers singers over 200,000 songs to choose from around the world!

So, basically, by purchasing the MagicSing microphone, you get a free year of limitless karaoke madness! The mic itself has plenty of control options on the housing which allow you to alter the sound of your voice, or tweak your echo, treble, bass, and more.

One of the most exciting features of the MagicSing karaoke app which accompanies the microphone is the scoring system they have implemented. If you are trying to work on your singing voice, the app can help you by scoring each performance. By seeing a visual representation of how you’re doing, you can practice and become better over time. You can even record yourself to replay each performance if you want to.

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#2 Wishtime Toddler Singing Karaoke Microphone

This is for the toddling diaper divas out there! If you have a tiny performer who seems to come alive when the music plays in the house, why not treat them to a karaoke microphone by Wishtime that has 5 nursery rhymes built-in for them to sing along with.

The microphone is built to survive even the roughest performances, but is brightly colored and offers easy to use features for your little one’s hands.

Easy to push buttons change the song for your toddler or give them funny sound effects to perform with. They can even record themselves for a moment if you want to capture the fun.

Another great feature about this little karaoke mic is that you can adjust the microphone so that your little one’s voice isn’t so shrill. Or, if your kids are feeling a bit shy or do not project their voice as loudly, you can choose to crank up the volume to hear them better.

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#3 Kidzlane Microphone

The Kidzlane Microphone gives your child 10 songs to sing to; however, there are no words included so your child will have to know the words. If they don’t, there’s no reason why they can’t make up their own song on the spot!

The Kidzlane microphone looks like a more realistic version of a mic meant for little kids. So, your child will feel like they are graduating to a more “professional” device.

The Kidzlane microphone also records up to 100 seconds of sound, so if they are feeling particularly confident, they can record their performance and share it with the family.

After their awesome show, all your little one has to do is press the applause button to activate the feature which will indeed make them feel like a star.

As with most of the advanced karaoke microphones, your child can also use various sound controls to transform their performance. They can alter the echo effect, change the song, and other fun features while they put on a show for the family!

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#4 Vtech Kidi Star Karaoke System

Now, this is an excellent karaoke system for any child’s playroom! The Vtech Kidi Star karaoke system looks like one of the pedestal versions you might see in a fancy bar or restaurant.

The significant difference, however, is that it has brightly colored features and a disco ball light show mounted to the top of the karaoke machine.

There are two microphones and a mic stand with the Vtech karaoke system, and it offers 8 pre-set songs and 6 unique karaoke games. Not only can you sing along to the pre-set songs, but you can also connect your smartphone or tablet to the system through Bluetooth.

Because you can connect your personal devices, you can choose the style of music your child listens to, and make sure that they are having the most fun possible!

Another exciting feature of the Vtech karaoke system is that it records up to five minutes of content! That is far more than any other karaoke machine for kids! So, if your little performer loves to share their show with you, make sure you get them a system capable of containing all of the awesome!

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How To Pick The Best Karaoke Microphones Which Have Built-In Songs?

Although there are not many options out there for adults, there are still a few things to consider before you buy a karaoke microphone for your household.

Whose The Performer?

The first thing to consider is who in your family is going to be doing the singing? If you are purchasing a mic with the intention of sharing with the entire family, then you might consider buying a more advanced option.

If you are just looking for one for your little ones, then you’ll mostly want to consider what their interest would be. Are your kids drawn to bright colors? What about lights? Do they like to record themselves?

Those are just a few of the things you should ask yourself.

How Durable Does It Need To Be?

Though most of them are reasonably sturdy, if you are buying a mic for a younger child, you may want to consider one of the options which are made with sturdy plastic. You know, the kind they use to make those noisy toys that never seem to break? It’s safe to say, however, that if you are buying one for older children, they should be just fine with any microphone style.

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