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Best Karaoke Microphones With Built-In Speakers

Have you always wanted your own karaoke experience at home but were never willing to spend the money on a karaoke machine? Well, you might be pleasantly surprised to know there are far more options out there than purchasing an entire machine.

You can actually just get a microphone with a built-in speaker that will project your voice rather than a traditional karaoke machine with a complete sound setup.

Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and relax while we go over some of the best options for karaoke microphones which offer built-in speakers.

#1 BONAOK 3-in-1 Microphone

The BONAOK is a unique microphone as it is one of the only models which comes in multiple color options. The housing on the microphone, which is also home to the dual built-in speakers, has buttons for all of your favorite voice control options.

Another fantastic feature of this all-in-one karaoke microphone is that it works as a 3-in-1 Bluetooth speaker. Whether you are singing karaoke or not, the built-in speakers have plenty of power to work as a radio as well. So, if you are taking a break from performing and want to listen to the pros take a stab at it, just use your BONAOK as a Bluetooth speaker!

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#2 PopSolo by Tzumi Karaoke Microphone

The comfortable setup of the PopSolo karaoke microphone houses the discreet yet powerful Bluetooth Speaker which pushes out incredible studio quality sound.

There are a few simple buttons on the main handle of the microphone which control the volume, echo and a power switch. Although there are not many control options for your voice, you can connect the microphone seamlessly with your mobile device, which you can mount in the attached device dock.

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#3 BONAOK 3-in-1 Karaoke Microphone

You get an incredible 5-10 hours of karaoke fun when you fully charge this 3-in-1 karaoke masterpiece. The built-in speaker is loud enough to make any house party come to life and have a few buttons in which to customize your sound experience.

The microphone itself has a 3 layer filter net to protect from noise interference, so you always enjoy a clean sounding performance from the BONAOK.

This is yet another microphone that you can use as a decent Bluetooth speaker. Whether you want to listen to some classical music while you study, or you want to jam out in the shower, you can use this mic to produce incredible studio quality sound.

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#4 KaraoKing Bluetooth Microphone

The KaraoKing is equipped with a powerful 5-watt speaker, so you are sure to be heard from anywhere in the party. The speaker encasement is slightly boxy on this model, but it actually might work out in your favor if you use it as a Bluetooth speaker without the mic. The design makes it very easy to set somewhere without worry that it will roll away and be damaged!

The microphone offers a dock for your phone, so all you have to do is connect to your favorite karaoke app to start the fun. You also get a case and cables to attach to other devices and your charger.

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#5 JQP Karaoke Microphone Set of 2

This is one of the only microphones which have built-in speakers and gives you an extra mic to use! The JQP set gives you a 30-foot range from your Bluetooth enabled devices, so you know you’ll be able to provide a memorable performance because you can move more freely around the room.

The mic and the noise filters within the metal meshing provide beautifully clear professional standard sound; so, if you are looking to share your performances with your friends and family or on social media, this would be an excellent choice.

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#6 KaraoKing Portable KTV Machine With Speaker

If you are looking for a decent karaoke microphone which has a built-in speaker system, but will also provide stage quality production value, then you’ll want to check this one out!

The KaraoKing is equipped with tons of lights within the 5-watt built-in speaker system. Your audience will hear your voice ring loud and clear from all directions as the speaker completely surrounds the microphone handle.

Enjoy the show with several light functions and voice options to match your enthusiastic performance! When you’re done performing, set the square-shaped microphone speaker down and use it as a softly lit Bluetooth speaker to set the mood for the rest of the evening.

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#7 Hmovie Karaoke Machine Pro

The most snazzy of our list is the hmovie karaoke machine pro. Although “machine” is in its name, this is genuinely just a karaoke microphone with a built-in 6-watt speaker system. The filter system has been upgraded in the mic cartridges for the hmovie, so you don’t have to worry about dust interference or feedback while you’re performing your favorites.

Another excellent upgrade is the improved bass diaphragm which produces incredibly rich sounding music. You can enjoy up to 16 hours of singing or speaker use after a full charge on the Hmovie karaoke machine pro. Sing in confidence knowing that you won’t lose juice anytime soon on your battery!

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How To Pick The Best Karaoke Microphones With Built-In Speakers

If you are looking for a Bluetooth karaoke microphone with speakers built into the housing, then you will first have to consider a few other options before making your final decision.

How Long Does It Take To Charge?

Many of these microphones need to be charged before using them. If you use it often, it may become a pain to wait a long time between uses while you wait for it to complete a charge.

If you aren’t in any urgent hurry to use it, then you shouldn’t have any problems with this, but it’s definitely something to consider.

How Long Will The Battery Last

In the same respect of how long will it take to charge the battery, you will also want to think about how long the battery will last before you have to plug it back in. Make sure that you pick a microphone which will give you enough juice to get through your karaoke night without the embarrassment or buzzkill of a dead battery.

How Far Is The Bluetooth Range

The distance you can move around the room means the difference between a good performance and an amazing one! You want to make sure that the Bluetooth connectivity range is comparable to the space in which you are going to be performing.

If you have a smaller area to work with, then the standard 30-feet should do just fine. However, if you have a larger venue to work with, you might want to search for something that gives you a bit more room to roam.

What Other Options Are Available

Another thing to think about is what other features you want your microphone to have. Do you also want to record yourself so that you can listen back on the built-in speaker? Perhaps you just want to be able to turn on some lights and set a fun mood. No matter what your favorite features are, make sure that they are included when you make your final decision on the best karaoke microphone with a built-in speaker.

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