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4 Ways To Sing Karaoke On An Apple TV

If you have an Apple TV and also love to host karaoke parties, then you must settle in with us to check out some of the best methods of using your Apple TV as a karaoke system!

There are various ways in which you can use your Apple TV for karaoke, and we will go over 4 of the top ways in which you can do this.

Method #1: Connecting A Karaoke Machine To An Apple TV

There are hundreds of karaoke machines out there on the market which will seamlessly connect to your Apple TV. (You can do the same with a normal television as well as an Android TV.)

Look for Bluetooth options, provided auxiliary cords which are compatible with your TV, as well as the other features and benefits the system has to offer.

One of the only downfalls of the Apple TV is that you cannot easily connect a microphone to it; however, this is solved if you purchase a compatible karaoke machine which plugs into your Apple TV. As long as the unit has a microphone, you will have no problems using the speakers of the device to amplify your performance.

Be sure that you are optimizing your karaoke experience by selecting a compatible karaoke machine for your TV that also offers multiple forms in which to choose music. By this we mean, does it only take CD+Gs or can you also connect to your phone through Bluetooth or insert SD cards to upload your own playlists?

Ensuring that you have a plethora of musical options only makes your karaoke night all the more exciting when it comes around!

Method #2: Using iPhone & iPad Karaoke Apps To Connect To An Apple TV

Although you can, you don’t have to go out and purchase a karaoke machine to use your Apple TV at your next karaoke party. There may be tons of them on the market, but nothing beats the simplicity of using an app!

That’s right, you can download your favorite iOS compatible karaoke app and connect it with your Apple TV to perform your favorite hits with family and friends.

As an example, we will go over step by step on how to connect your Apple TV with one of the more popular iOS karaoke apps: Karaoke Party.

The first thing you’ll want to do, of course, is download a karaoke app (e.g. like the application “Karaoke Party”) onto your iPad or iPhone and then create an account. The next step is to ensure both your Apple TV and your device are connected to the same WiFi option and turn on the TV.

The next step is to open up the control options on your iOS device and turn on Airplay to choose the mirroring selection. Once you’ve done this, you can open up the app, and it will seamlessly project onto your television.

Although the Apple TV does not support microphone use, you can use your iPhone as a microphone as well as a remote to select the next track.

Method #3: Connecting YouTube To An Apple TV For Karaoke Party’s

Another means in which to turn your Apple TV into a massive karaoke machine is to connect your YouTube account with it. One of the most popular ways in which to watch YouTube on any Television which supports it is to Chromecast and use the YouTube TV Queue option.

Although this is the ideal way to use YouTube for Karaoke, the Apple TV does not seem to support this option. Those who still wish to use YouTube on their Apple TV for karaoke should keep in mind that although you can create a playlist, it will not work quite the same way as the TV queue.

When you are ready to connect your YouTube, open the app on your Apple TV and sign in to the appropriate Google account which will be the host of the karaoke playlist. If you haven’t already synced YouTube with your TV, you will receive a black screen with a website and an activation code in which to input at the site provided.

Once you’ve linked YouTube with your Apple TV, the fun can finally begin! Head to the ‘Create Playlist’ option, set up a killer karaoke night title and start choosing songs to add!

If you want to make sure everyone at the party has something to sing, make sure to go into the edit screen of your playlist and click the ‘Public’ button, as well as the ‘Collaborate’ option. When you click collaborate, it will generate a link in which you can send to all the friends you want to be able to add songs onto the playlist.

Once the party comes around, all you’ll have to do is open up your app, select the playlist, and pass the phone to the current singer to choose their song.

Method #4: Using Karaoke Apps made for Apple TV

The simplest solution to using your Apple TV for singing karaoke is simply using your favorite iOS compatible karaoke apps. If you aren’t sure where to begin looking for an app, then stick around while we tell you about the top five Apple TV compatible karaoke apps we could find!

1. Karaoke Party

Karaoke Party is exclusively made for iOS devices, so you know it will work wonderfully with all of your Apple devices, including your Apple TV! Karaoke Party is also compatible with Amazon Fire TVs, Chromecasting, and many more options, not to mention the service is free!

2. Karaoke Music

Not only can you use this affordable app to sing karaoke on your Apple TV, but you can also choose to listen to new music and select songs to sing from YouTube playlists.

3. Smule

Smule is one of the most popular music applications which lets users sing songs solo, with friends, and sometimes with the actual artist! There are endless karaoke hits to enjoy as well as the option to create your own content to put yourself out there!

4. Karaoke TV

Karaoke TV is specially made to cast seamlessly to your Apple TV and allows you to search through YouTube playlists to find content to sing.

5. Lucky Voice Karaoke

Lucky Voice allows you to discover new music based on what you seem to enjoy and connects to your Apple TV with ease.

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