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22 Tips for Hosting the Perfect Karaoke Party

Karaoke parties are meant to be enjoyed by everyone in attendance. And with that in mind, it becomes very important for you to make the necessary preparations.

The latter may include more than just purchasing a few items as well as sending out invitations.

The most important thing is to make your karaoke party stand out. And the only way you can do that is by personalizing it as much as you can.

Without further ado, here 22 tips on how you can make your karaoke party one for the books without spending an arm and a leg:

#1 Get two reliable wireless microphones

There is no karaoke without a microphone. And with this in mind, it is very important for you to find a wireless microphone because it’ll limit unwanted accidents. As we all know rather too well, alcohol and long cables don’t go together. Thankfully, there are so many reliable brands of wireless microphones in the market that you can buy/rent for your gig. You can get a good wireless mic for less than $40.

#2 The perfect playlist that is popular

For your karaoke party to be a hit, you’ll be required to prepare a popular playlist. Doing a little research about what everyone loves shouldn’t be that hard. And if you have no clue about what your guests enjoy, then don’t shy away from asking them for their ideas. Once you’ve done so, look for the lyrics and make a lyrical video.

#3 Get a good microphone stand

To ensure that the microphone is safe and accessible, your guests would need a microphone stand where they can return the microphone as soon as they are done using it. Thankfully, there are different places you can find one for cheap. You’ll have the option of renting one in a bid to cut down the costs. You can purchase a good microphone stand for less than $15.

#4 High-quality sound

Getting your hands on a high-quality sound system is usually as important as getting a good microphone. Just make sure the sound system is proportional to the size of the venue. It would be absurd for you to get your hands on an extremely big or extremely small sound system. You can hire a sound system for $100 or less.

#5 Don’t forget the snacks!

Just like it is customary for any party, you should make sure that you’re bringing all the snacks! Once again, different people have different preferences. It would, therefore, be a good idea for you to have something for everyone. Feel free to have some biscuits, cakes, popcorn, butterscotch, chocolate, and beer. Don’t forget the beer!

#6 Set up a bar

A karaoke isn’t one unless you have alcohol. So once you’ve brought the alcohol, always make sure you do one better by getting your hands on a good bartender. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to cost you a dime since, once again, we all have that one friend who happens to be a natural when it comes to making undiscovered cocktails.

#7 Have a plethora of activities

In as much as karaoke parties are fun, monotony always has a way of slowing things down. With that in mind, it would really be an incredibly awesome idea if you switched from one activity to the next without allowing the singing to become stale. For starters, truth or dare shouldn’t be a bad idea. Just make sure you play the pg. version especially if there are kids of married folks around.

#8 Ample room is a must!

It’s not weird for your guests to take to the dance floor and break a leg especially when the deejay ends up playing their favorite song. Therefore, you should make a point of getting your hands on a bigger venue if your living room isn’t big enough. In other words, you should always take the number of people into consideration before making any decision.

#9 Invite some party animals

We all have that one friend who is officially dubbed the life of the party. Never make the mistake of not inviting them since there is a very big likelihood that they’ll make the karaoke even more fun. To make things even better, make a point of involving them in the preparations for a fully fledged, all-around fun experience.

#10 Invite your friends, family as well as neighbors

Apart from the life of a party, it is also important for you to invite your friends, family, and neighbors. This is important because a karaoke is supposed to not only be fun but a means to promote spontaneous oneness. You should also use that opportunity to help those people who are closed up to feel free to mingle.

#11 Get your karaoke machine ready

Don’t get too excited to the point of forgetting the importance of a good karaoke machine. Your singing machine will help pump the music into the crowds and increase the feeling of fun. And the most beautiful thing is that you can find very good singing machines for less than $150 and have it shipped within a couple of business days.

#12 Involve your favorite local DJ

As the old saying goes, a party isn’t a party until the DJ is in the house.

Okay, there isn’t any saying that goes like that but you get the point. You surely must know one or two kickass deejays who would love to come to your karaoke party and mix for free; as long as you promise an endless supply booze all night.

#13 Take care of the lighting

Getting some disco lights going would definitely lighten things up a notch. And the beautiful thing about the disco lights is that they won’t cost you much since you can get some good lights for as low as $20 dollars from Amazon or eBay. Even better, you can borrow some disco lights from a friend if you know one who has them.

#14 Hire a waiter/waitress for the night

Apart from getting the bar working, getting a waiter/waitress for the evening of fun and unwinding will be more than just a brilliant idea. This is because most people who get drunk hate the idea of walking back and forth fetching their own drinks. Therefore, getting someone sober to do the job for them would be a total game changer.

#15 Alert the authorities

The last thing you want is the police crushing your party before its even started. Therefore, alerting the authorities in advance or better still, getting a permit for your event should suffice.

#16 Bring your own bottle!

If you want to keep the budget down, then you can make it a bring your own bottle event. This is a good idea since it’ll not only cut down the costs but also save you the trouble of finding out what your guests’ personal preferences are.

#17 Have a few surprises up your sleeves!

Nothing makes a party kick than the element of surprise. Therefore, having a local celebrity swing by and do a song or two wouldn’t be such a bad idea. As far as surprises go, you are allowed to let your imagination go wild.

#18 Don’t forget the party cups

Again, glassware and drunk people don’t mix. And that exactly why cheap and convenient party cups were invented – use them! Another good thing about the plastic party cups beside not breaking when dropped is that they can be recycled.

#19 Soundproofing is important

A reliable sound system might be great for your karaoke party, but trust me, proper soundproofing is “importanter”. All jokes aside, it is very important for your neighbors who didn’t make it enjoy some peace and quiet while you are busy living your best life. That’s just what common courtesy dictates. You can also do one better by alerting the neighbors and give them your number just in case the shenanigans get way too loud.

#20 Get yourself a paparazzo

Everyone loves taking photos to remind them of memorable events. Therefore, you might want to get one of your friend who has a good camera phone to do the honors. Just make sure you aren’t taking embarrassing photos of people.

#21 Additional decorations

Apart from proper lighting, feel free to add some more customized decorations all depending on the theme of your karaoke. The good thing about doing this is you have your creativity to take advantage of without any problems at all. You can add balloons, strobe lights, etc.

#22 Have as much fun as you possibly can!

Karaoke parties are meant to be fun. Therefore, you as well as your guests should make a point of kicking back and having as much fun as you possibly can. You can do so by having a little funny speech (rehearse if you have to) and use it as the perfect icebreaker. In order for people to have fun, they have to first of all feel at home.


There are so many things you can do to enhance your karaoke party experience. Therefore, don’t be cagey, allow your creative juices to flow. Remember to personalize your event and finally, do not shy away from having the time of your lives simply because that’s what karaoke is all about!

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