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Top 15 Best Karaoke Songs for Baritones

Most people would say that it is a tenor’s world given all the songs with a high range for men. The same is true in the opera world, and it has been reinforced by the voices that are popular in the modern day.

Most of the pop and country singers that you hear on the radio have high voices, and you might have a hard time singing their songs.

Try out the sounds on this list because they were made for men who do not have the highest voice in the world. You have felt left out in the past, but you can solve that problems at your next karaoke party.

#15 All You Need Is Love

The Beatles have been telling us for ages that all you need is love, but we never considered that this song is a little bit low compared to some other Beatles songs. The band tends to have a much higher key in mind when performing, but this song keeps the notes low enough that you can keep up even when your voice breaks near the top of the staff.

#14 Bohemian Rhapsody

This might be the most popular song of all time, and it is was actually made for a baritone’s voice. You are probably wondering how that is possible when Freddie Mercury could sing so high, but you are forgetting that he had possibly the best range of anyone we have seen in modern music. Because of this, he could sing an entire song as a baritone, and that is how Bohemian Rhapsody came to be.

#13 Circle of Life

The Circle of Life became popular because of The Lion King, and it is not as high as you would think. In fact, Elton John’s voice is not as high as you would think. He has a nice high range because he is practiced, but his voice is just low enough that you will have a chance to sing along with him without worrying about your voice cracking every other note.

#12 End of The Road

Boyz II Men is a band that is comprised of guys that cover the entire vocal range, but some of their songs are lower than you might think. End of the Road is a perfect song for baritones because it does not utilize any of the vocal skipping and jumping that happens in some of their other songs.

#11 Fly Me To The Moon

Frank Sinatra’s voice is also a little bit lower than you would think, he starts this song with throaty notes that are good for you when you do not have much range to work with. Not all the great singers of the golden era had high voices, and Frank Sinatra would be a good person to turn to any time you need more repertoire for your karaoke nights.

#10 Whisky and You

Aaron Lewis has a voice low enough to attract anyone who is baritone because it is instantly obvious that he has a low voice. Almost all the music you hear from Staind is meant for a man with a lower voice, but Whisky and You is the song that will sit in the wheelhouse of any man who has a baritone voice. This is a guaranteed hit with all your friends who love his songs.

#9 Give Me One Reason

Tracy Chapman might be a woman, but she is a contralto at heart. Because of this, a man could easily sing her song down an octave and get very nice results. Also, a man who has a couple higher notes could sing this song in the original key because her voice was already so low. This is also a blues classic that will give you access to a whole new genre of music.

#8 Hound Dog

Elvis was a tenor, but he was so gifted that he could sing in this range, and that is why Hound Dog would be good for the baritones at your parties. The baritones might have to stretch for a couple notes, but they can get through this song because everyone tends to know the words of this song.

#7 Jeremy

Jeremy spoke in class today, and that is how guys with a baritone voice know that they can sing rock music. This is one of the easier songs to sing, and you will find that you only need to stretch for one note at the end if you want to keep up with Eddie Vedder. The words of the song are easy, and the lyrics have easy notes to reach for most guys.

#6 Just The Way You Are

Billy Joel is one of the most talented people in the rock world, and he made Just The Way You Are as basic as possible because he was playing with the piano notes and music behind the song. You can easily keep up because his songs are such big hits, and you do not have to do any crazy vocals to keep up with the tune.

#5 Kryptonite

Krytopnite is a major hit that is sung by a man who has a low voice. All the songs that comes from 3 Doors Down have low notes in them, but this particular song is so easy to sing because it is one that everyone remembers. You can clearly hear all the words, and you will find that you do not need to strain to hit even the higher notes.

#4 Layla

Eric Clapton is not the best singer, and that is why he based this song around his guitar riffs. You can sing along to the track while Eric plays guitar, and you will make it to the end easily so the band can jam for two minutes.

#3 Lithium

Kurt Contain was not the greatest singer, and he made all his songs simple. You might have a hard time with the words if you did not realize what he was saying when the song came out, but it is low enough for any guy.

#2 My Way

Frank gives you another option with My Way. Even the last note with the big hit from the band is not very high.

#1 Piano Man

Piano Man is a sad song, but it is all based around the piano. You cannot mess this up because the range is so tight in this song.

Baritones deserve to have a chance to sing a song that is in their range, and halving the songs between tenors and baritones makes it easier for you to give equal representation to everyone at the party.

Some of these songs might not have the easiest words, but they will put you into the best range so that you can actually sing the song.

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