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Best Karaoke Games for Nintendo Switch

Are you a shower singer or are you brave enough to belt it out in front of your friends at a crowded karaoke bar? Either way, the Nintendo Switch has a solution to satisfy your inner Rockstar. Let’s Sing’s latest releases are both bundled with a microphone when ordered on making it easier to group your friends together for a sing-along party.

Though, if your friends don’t want to snuggle together around a single mic, they can pair the Let’s Sing game with your switch and sing along straight from their smart phones. So, which of the two new karaoke releases fit your needs?

There are also plenty of Karaoke Games for Wii U, Wii, Playstation 4Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One available.

The short answer: The best Nintendo Switch Karaoke Games

  1. Let’s Sing 2018 UK Release
  2. Let’s Sing 2019

Let’s Sing 2018 UK Release

The Let’s Sing 2018 edition has finally been released in UK on and features four different gaming modes, like classic, feature, TV, and mix-tape edition. A rave from critics has been with the recent mixed tape update in game modes.

Flashback to the 1990s and sitting in front of your double cassette player waiting for the right second to record a very grainy version of your chosen song of the moment. A classic throwback to our childhood and I wonder if kids will get the nostalgia.

As far as the song list, it pulls mainly from the year’s pop favorites, like “Closer” by Chainsmokers, “7 years” by Lukas Graham, and “I hate U, I love U” by Gnash, while only one traditional karaoke favorite as far as I could see with “We are the Champions” by Queen.

It may alienate the family members who aren’t so in tuned with Top 40 charts. If that’s the case though, check out the additional song packs available at the Nintendo Store to vary up the music collection, some 80s classics or party anthems will make your karaoke party a bit more fun and well-rounded. has yet to receive enough reviews to warrant a full score but reviews can be read here.

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Let’s Sing 2019 release

The latest update in the US of Let’s Sing 2019 on again boasts thirty new songs but this time with a wider variety of tastes from Abba to Rita Ora, No doubt and Shawn Mendes, and my personal party anthem “Cake by the Ocean.” Any age can find something to love here.

One of the larger flaws that reviewers have complained about is the inability to download or update new songs. But maybe the extra packs just haven’t been released in the newest game yet. These new versions of Let’s Sing allows battle competitions between your friends for high scores, striving for top musical awards in the industry.

The game is so new that there is no score yet on, but you can read the reviews that have been left so far here.

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Last words

Currently, neither game has online playing capabilities, other than score tracking, so the switch singing party will need to be grouped around the wired mic, which is a possible annoyance and hopefully a future upgrade from game makers. Despite a few naysayers, most karaoke crooners seem to enjoy the updates given to their favorite karaoke video game though. If these two don’t strike your fancy though, don’t worry, more games will be coming out soon.

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