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Top 15 Best Pop Karaoke Songs

From the many “oohs,” “ahhs,” and “nah nah nahs,” pop music has been spreading joy to our hearts and gifting us with familiar sounds, melodies, and emotional, dance-provoking material for years to come.

Before Ariana Grande and even The Backstreet Boys filled our ears with those delightfully well-known wonders, the early pop style was birthed from another era of Elvis Presley, The Beatles, and Micheal Jackson, and thus, the evolution of what pop means to us today, began.

Pop music took it’s full form in the 90’s and early 2000’s, and while those were undeniably some of the best songs to sing along to, pop still continues to dish out the best karaoke music, so hopefully this list will serve as a reminder of some of your favorite karaoke pop songs.

#15 Without Me ― Halsey (2018)

Starting out this list is a fresh new sound from one of the many queens of today’s pop world, Halsey. From the bold sound of ‘Bad at Love,’ to the catchy ‘Him and I,’ Halsey keeps laying down the hits in 2018, and ‘Without Me’ is just a good, smooth pick to impress the crowd with.

#14 Blurred Lines ― Robin Thicke ft. T.I, Pharrell (2013)

Taking it back a little further to 2013, ‘Blurred Lines’ still remains a fun party favorite, and another smooth song on the up-beat end to sing along to. This is a song that actually doesn’t blur the lines of being a hit.

#13 Stronger ― Kelly Clarkson (2011)

Kelly Clarkson is by far one of the most original queens of the early 2000’s and even today’s pop sound, so you can imagine how difficult it was just trying to choose one of her songs to make the list. From her many classics like ‘Behind These Hazel Eyes,’ and an abundance of others, Kelly Clarkson gives us a wide range of perfect karaoke songs, but ‘Stronger’ is definitely one of the, well, stronger ones to choose from.

#12 Grenade ― Bruno Mars (2010)

One of Bruno’s most passionate ballads, ‘Grenade’ will bring the crowd to tears with this number. Talk about another artist making it hard to put only one of their songs on the list, Bruno Mars has a wide variety of hits to choose from as well, but this one is truly one of his best.

#11 We are Never Getting Back Together ― Taylor Swift (2012)

Between this, ‘I Knew You Were Trouble,’ and some of her classics like ‘Tear Drops on My Guitar,’ many would argue as to which is the best Taylor Swift jam to karaoke to. This song, however, is just a fun, up-beat arrangement to belt out with your friends to.

#10 Girls Like You ― Maroon 5 ft. Cardi B (2017)

Maroon 5 has switched it up a notch with Cardi B in this fresh, new hit, while still maintaining their smooth, classic, and sing-along-friendly style. This song has a nice balance between pop and hip-hop, and would be fun to try and sing solo or with another person willing to try their hand at rap.

#9 Can’t Feel My Face ― The Weeknd (2015)

For a while this song was all I heard every time I turned on the radio, and even now I still can’t get it out of my head– I think many would agree. It’s just a simple, fun, recognizable party song that everyone can’t resist singing along to.

#8 Apologize ― One Republic (2007)

In my opinion, this song is just another flat-out, memorable, and everlasting tune. Sometimes the sad, passionate songs like this gem are the greatest ones to karaoke to, and not to mention it’s just another excellent throwback to when pop music was in its prime.

#7 Paparazzi ― Lady Gaga (2008)

This classic is just one of Gaga’s many that she has graced us with over the years, and between this and a few of her other greatest hits such as, ‘Bad Romance,’ ‘Born This Way,’ and ‘Poker Face,’ it’s yet again, hard to name just one. With her unique sound and awe-inspiring lyrics, this number, as well as her many others, would be perfect to karaoke to.

#6 7 Years ― Lukas Graham (2016)

Perform this piece with as much passion as how it’s performed originally, and you will move the crowd to tears with this one. This song comes complete with more awe-inspiring lyrics that will leave your friends stuck in the feels when you’re done singing it.

#5 Firework ― Katy Perry (2010)

Let your colors burst by singing this crowd-pleasing piece of pop gold. Katy has a multitude of fabulous karaoke hits, but this one is a definite classic, and the one that can’t go unnoticed or unrecognized. Not only is it a crowd-pleaser, but a complete showstopper.

#4 I Gotta Feeling ― Black Eyed Peas (2009)

This is just one of those songs that cannot go unsung, as it is a perfect piece to sing for many events and occasions. It’s just a simple, fun tune that brings everyone to their feet and fills them with the joy and splendor of the moment.

#3 Rolling in The Deep ― Adele (2011)

Talk about another ballad to put everyone in the feels, this one will definitely do the trick. Regardless, it is a beautiful, fun, and irresistible number to sing along to, especially if you can manage to belt it with as much passion and soul as Adele so gracefully mastered.

#2 A Thousand Miles ― Vanessa Carlton (2001)

I couldn’t for the life of me, pass up this gem from making the list, much less making it one of the top. No matter the fact that it out dates every other song on the list, and probably one of the most overplayed songs in pop history, it is indeed an eternal sensation that would be a shame not to recognize.

#1 Perfect ― Ed Sheeran (2017)

This Ed Sheeran masterpiece felt only right to make it #1 on my list because it truly does live up to its title. Of course it was also hard trying to choose which Ed Sheeran song to make the list, but this one has the added bonus of having a Beyoncé version, so you can perfect it solo or duet.

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