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Best Portable Karaoke Machines

Karaoke Machines can be an excellent investment, especially if you host a lot of parties or work as a DJ or entertainer of some kind. However, if you are planning to use it often and in different locations, you’re going to want to find one that isn’t going to be a significant pain to relocate.

Whether you are gifting one to your child to take to sleepovers with their best friend, or you have several events coming up in which you need a karaoke machine for, you will want to look at the list below to see which one fits your needs the best as far as portability.

#1 Karaoke USA GF840

When you are looking for a portable karaoke machine, you want to make sure it has all the features you need first and foremost. A lot of families get karaoke machines to entertain their kids, and the Karaoke USA GF840 is one of the best models for families.

Not only is the GF840 comfortable enough for even the youngest member of your family to handle, but you get a fantastic sound system in this small package.

You will receive 2 microphones with the Karaoke USA GF840 which conveniently store on the back of the device for easy handling. You won’t have to worry about tripping on cords or making multiple trips to move this system; all you have to do is grab and go!

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#2 Electrohome Karaoke Machine

This little powerhouse of a karaoke system packs a serious punch when it comes to your audio. You might think that purchasing a portable unit would leave you wanting more with the audio quality, but you will be surprised when you bring the Electrohome Karaoke Machine back to the house!

The cylindrical design makes it easy to store this portable machine anywhere, and even easier to carry it wherever the party takes you.

In fact, the Electrohome karaoke system is so convenient to hold that it will even fit in a larger backpack or tote bag. So, if you plan on using your new karaoke machine in various locations, or you want something you know you can take to a party with ease, then you have found the right model in the Electrohome karaoke machine!

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#3 NYC Acoustics Karaoke Machine

The NYC Acoustics is probably the biggest karaoke machine which is considered portable. The big speaker system stands nearly 30″ tall and offers professional quality sound and features.

This is an excellent machine for any professionals who host parties, weddings, birthdays, or other events. You probably think that this machine sounds way too big to be portable, and although you would be right, it offers a pull-out handle from the top of the device and has wheels for easy maneuvering.

So, although this machine is rather tall, you can still move it around rather quickly with the addition of the wheels in the back. There is a light show included with the NYC Acoustics Karaoke Machine, so if you are a professional, you don’t have to worry about buying extra lights to set the mood for your guests!

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#4 Rockville 8″ Portable Karaoke Machine

The Rockville karaoke system gives you a surprising amount of options for a machine so small. Although there is no display on this portable karaoke machine, there is a stand which you can place your Bluetooth connected device on to use in place of a standard display screen.

You can also charge up the Rockville and use it for up to 8 hours of battery time. The machine comes with a wireless microphone and one that is wired to the device. So, if you are using it as a professional, you can keep the machine close and use the corded microphone while your guests wander with their friends and use the wireless receiver up to 30 feet away from the karaoke machine.

The Rockville portable karaoke machine is a little heavier than some of the other, more compact options out there, so the creators have included a pull-out handle and wheels so that you can quickly move your system wherever you need it to go.

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#5 Croove Party Box Karaoke Machine

The Croove karaoke machine is one of the most unique systems on the market. Not only can you take the Croove Party Box wherever you go, but you can also enjoy 11 hours of cord-free fun with the incredible battery life on the machine.

If you are a confident performer and have always wanted to put on a show for strangers, then you should consider investing in the Croove Party Box. Because of the sturdy design of the Croove Party Box, you can easily take this karaoke machine to an outdoor event just as you would an indoor one.

Enjoy exceptional sound quality from the incredible system as you perform your favorite karaoke songs, and then pick it up and walk away when you’ve had your fun; it’s as simple as that!

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#6 iKaraoke KS780 BT

This compact beauty is perfect for families with younger children, as the unit is small enough and comfortable enough for a child to carry with ease. Not to mention the fantastic light show that pulses and syncs with the music as you sing along to your favorite tracks.

Your little ones will enjoy recording their performances with the iKaraoke KS780 BT, and you will love that you can control the tracks they sing by connecting your device to the machine with Bluetooth.

You won’t have to worry about sending the iKaraoke KS780-BT with your child if they are too young to have a mobile device that will connect to the machine. The iKaraoke KS780-BT is preloaded with plenty of fun, family-friendly tunes for them to enjoy without needing to connect the device to a smartphone or tablet.

Since you don’t have to worry about buying CDs for the iKaraoke system, you won’t have to worry about toting them around either, which makes this the ultimate portable karaoke machine for families.

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How To Pick Portable Karaoke Machines?

Portable karaoke machines are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s not hard to see why! If you spend a lot of time hanging out with friends or family and you love to sing, then why not get a karaoke machine to jam out with them?

There are a few things you need to consider, however, if you need a portable option. Stick with us, and we’ll go over a couple questions you should ask yourself before making that purchase.

Personal or Professional?

Although there is probably far more need for personal karaoke machines than professional, the gig economy is alive and well and certainly has a few people who could use a portable option for hosting their events.

If you are a professional, there are larger options with features that make it easier for them to be moved. So, if you have a large venue that you need to fill with sound, then consider getting a larger option with wheels and a handle for easy mobility.

However, if you are just buying one for your family, and know that your children (or toddlers) will want to take it back and forth between friends houses, then you’ll need to consider all the features, size, and how easy it will be for your children to handle.

Who’s Using It?

Just because you are buying a portable karaoke machine doesn’t necessarily mean that you have children or that children will be using it. If you are confident that no children will be using the device, then you have a bit more freedom in the styles to choose.

Sound Quality

Depending on why you are purchasing a portable karaoke machine, you may need to consider the sort of space you’ll be setting up in.

If you are hosting an event, you may want to consider getting a higher-quality sound system so that you can be sure all guests can enjoy the karaoke performances.

Regardless of how portable your karaoke machine is, it won’t be much good at all if you can’t enjoy the music!

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