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Best Karaoke Games for PS4

Do you find singing karaoke exciting? When you sing karaoke at events, is it difficult to wait for your next turn? Well, you’re not alone. Many people enjoy the experience of singing karaoke (even if their singing isn’t that great).

One reason why most people like karaoke is that it relieves your stress. When you release endorphins in your brain by singing, you feel so much better and your mood is immediately improved. If you’re feeling sad, just grab a mic, hit the power switch of your Playstation and sing along with one of these great PS4 karaoke games.

For those who do not own a PS4, Karaoke Games for Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, Apple TV, Android TV or the PS4’s predecessor Playstation 3 might be more interesting.

The short answer: The best PS4 Karaoke Games

  1. Just Sing – Playstation 4 Standard Edition
  2. Let’s Sing 2016
  3. We Sing 2 (Bundle Edition)
  4. Now That’s what I Call Sing 2
  5. We Sing (Solus Edition)

#1 Just Sing – Playstation 4 Standard Edition

Pretend you are a star and perform along with Just Sing, the video game produced by Ubisoft.
You do not even need to buy a karaoke microphone. All you need to sing or lip-sync along with the hit songs in Just Sing is some Companion App for your smartphone. With this karaoke app, you can enjoy singing along with the fantastic hits which include awesome performances by Meghan Trainor, Justin Bieber, and many others.

With this app, your phone can instantly become a microphone and camera. After downloading the app, you simply couple it with your console. This download will turn your phone into a microphone and camera instantly. Then the fun begins as you create your very own music videos. After saving your video performance, you can share it with your online friends.

Just Sing in the PS4 Standard Edition is currently rated 60 on


  • This video game is a product of the same company that created Just Dance.
  • You can be a superstar by either singing out loud or lip-syncing along with the famous performers of this app.
  • Your smartphone can be your microphone and camera. All you have to do is download the free Just Sing Companion app.
  • You can create a unique music video by choosing the backgrounds, themes, filters, and effects. When it sounds and looks the way you want it to, it will be ready for you to share it with the online world.

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#2 Let’s Sing 2016 – Playstation 4 – by Maximum Games

If you love karaoke, you’ll surely love Let’s Sing 2016. This game for Playstation 4 is pretty much the same as Now That’s What I Call Sing. Except for two tracks, these two games are practically the same. Their presentations are also essentially similar.

Let’s Sing 2016 has received mixed feedback on, features 35 hits most of which were in the top 40 and performed by the biggest artists of the world including Sia, Sam Smith, Ariana Grande, and Jess Glynne. This game offers you seven exciting ways to play with your friends in duet mode or all by yourself. The party simply never ends.

Included in this pack is a USB microphone which you will need to sing along with the performers. However, the track list of Let’s Sing 2016 seems to be more varied than That’s What I Call Sing. The old classics of The Cure, Roxette, and Queen are included, but the more modern track outnumber them.


  • Includes the world’s biggest artist and 35 hit songs.
  • Has seven game modes that include By Heart, Classic, Duet, Pass the Mic, Expert, and Elimination.
  • Offers you the experience of singing to the background of music videos of licensed artists.
  • You can sing along with up to seven friends.

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#3 We Sing 2 – Mic Bundle – Playstation 4 – Bundle Edition

If you want an authentic studio experience, you can certainly get it with the We Sing 2 Mic Bundle Edition. You can go solo with this edition or sing with up to nine of your friends for a great party time. You can sing along with the biggest hits of five decades and the recording stars including David Bowie, Abba, and Sai. This edition allows you to use your smartphone, the free We Sing Mic App, and the compatible USB microphone to create a studio experience.


  • You can sing the hottest hits with the best artists of all times. The original recordings of these artists and their HD videos from five decades are included.
  • When you download the free We Sing Mic app, you can connect up to four USB microphones and sing with up to ten friends as well.
  • In your imaginary world, you can become a star as you rock solo or sing with your friends.
  • With six game modes, you can sing in the We Sing mode to score with your friends or compete alone in the Sing-Off mode.
  • The original instrumental recordings included will give you a true karaoke experience as you sing with your favorite artists.

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#4 Now That’s What I Call Sing 2 (Solus) (PS4)

When using your karaoke game, Now That’s What I Call Sing 2 for the Playstation 4, simply grab a mic and you’re ready to party with your friends. Up to eight friends can sing 30 hits along with you or you can sing solo if you wish. Use smartphone mics or combine them with a mixture of USB microphones.

Compete with your friends by winning with the highest score or sing just your part. Another way to have fun could be to share one mic with a friend. You can try the ‘Classic’ mode where some lyrics periodically disappear during a round.

Your smartphone can be a mic when you download the Now Sing app. Create an online leader board and see where your rank sits against those of your online friends.

The predecessor of this game got a Metascore of 55, but Now That’s What I Call Sing 2 is not rated yet.


  • It includes 30 chart hits.
  • It allows you to sing solo against up to 3 CPU’s or you can sing a duet with a friend.
  • Using a mixture of smartphone mics and USB microphones, you can sing with up to eight players.
  • Operating in the ‘Classic’ mode, you can sing solo or compete against your friends. Whoever gets the highest score wins.
  • When each player sings a part, you can sing in the ‘Duet’ mode with a friend.
  • You can share one mic with a friend.
  • When in the ‘Classic’ mode, some of the lyrics disappear during a round.
  • Use the free download Now Sing app, and your phone can become a mic.
  • Create an online leader board, and you can see where you rank among your online friends.

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#5 We Sing – Playstation 4 – Solus Edition – by THQ Nordic

Listen to the world’s best performers from five decades and create a fantastic party experience in your own living room with the We Sing Playstation 4. Sing solo or with up to nine friends and you’ll rise to the top of your online leaderboard. Download the free We Sing Mic app or bond with a USB microphone which is compatible and you’ll have a real studio experience.


  • Includes the hits of the biggest performers, their original recordings, and HD videos from five decades.
  • Download the free We Sing Mic app and connect with up to four USB microphones. Sing with up to ten friends at the same time.
  • Includes six game modes.
  • Sing along with the original instrumental recordings.

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