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Top 20 Rock Karaoke Songs

Rock music is guaranteed to make you sing. The songs are ones this generation has grown up on and learned to love. It is a timeless art form that will always be there when you are in your feelings or need to get away. Why not take it to the stage?

These top 20 rock hits will have you commanding the stage and people cheering you on. Entertain and get the crowd to sing along. Rock music knows no gender or age. Get ready to rock out to these top 20 karaoke rock songs!

#20 Pour Some Sugar On Me Def Leppard (1987)

A classic that everyone knows from at home in the kitchen or from televisions. Its a fun song that gets the crowd singing along. It’s at the bottom of the list because people usually only remember the chorus, but its too fun not to keep around.

#19 Highway to Hell AC/DC (1979)

Another oldie but goodie. This song make you think of bikers or laying in a garage fixing cars. It has a catchy tune that gets your head moving to the beat and you can’t help but sing the verses all day long.

#18 Livin on a Prayer Bob Jovi (1986)

What karaoke night is complete without Bon Jovi? None! He is a classic that everyone knows and can enjoy. The song is relatable and easy to remember. Almost anyone is able to sing along with it and sound good.

#17 Every Rose Has Its Thorn Poison (1988)

A powerful song that anyone is able to sing with a little practice. This song has a different meaning for every person but everyone has a rose with its thorns. Very relatable and a good ballad to belt out.

#16 Simple Man Lynyrd Skynrd (1973)

A song that touches many people with its mother-son relationship. It depicts relationship and life lessons to a son from the mother or mother figures in their life. Powerful and in a key that most anyone can sing a long with.

#15 I Love Rock -n- Roll Joan Jett (1981)

Fun song for women to sing. It has catchy lyrics that entertain. It was originally released by a male singer in the UK but was not to his taste. So Joan took the song and remade it. Now it is a classic and one of her biggest songs.

#14 Don’t Stop Believin’ Journey (1981)

For many this song was what made Journey. It has lyrics that are relatable for most every person and is a reminder for people to never stop believing without being a mushy ballad. Male or female are able to sing the lyrics and have fun with the song.

#13 Sweet Child Of Mine Guns and Roses (1988)

The song originally hit the airways as third release on the debute album for Guns and Roses. Its an oldie, but goodie that reminds many of mom singing in the kitchen while cooking a meal. The band never thought it would do well, but it is still alive and kicking decades later.

#12 Cryin’ Areosmith (1993)

It is not possible to have top rock hits without Aerosmith. Cryin’ is the song teens sang along to in their cars and bedrooms. The lyrics are timeless and about love hurting. Though many interpretations can come from the lyrics. Areosmith is popular for young and old.

#11 You Oughta Know Alain’s Morissette (1995)

An angry ex-girlfriend rock song, what female can’t relate? This is angry rock for all the women who have dealt with bad boyfriends or significant others. To perform it may take some practice but worth the end result.

#10 In The end Linkin Park (2003)

A popular rock song that expresses so many emotions. It is definitely “in your feelings” type of song. Male or female can sing it and relate. Everyone knows the words and will rock out to it.

#9 What’s My Age Again Blink 182 (1999)

About a boy who doesn’t want to grow up. He still plays pranks and can’t focus on the real life. Complete with catchy lyrics and music it is a crowd pleaser.

#8 Creep Radiohead (1993)

An outcast who can’t fit into the box society expects. See’s the beauty in the world around him but he will never be that. It didn’t do well when first released but has become a classic for many who can relate.

#7 Zombie Bad Wolves (2018)

A remake from the Cranberries. It is still a classic song that relates to the world we are living in today. The song is catchy and gets stuck in your head. Definitely a crowd pleaser.

#6 Numb Linkin Park (2003)

Stunning lyrics that express what many feel every day. It is a heavy song, but one that describes people working hard to not make it where they are wanting to be.

#5 Kryptonite Three Doors Down (2000)

Fun and energetic song about relationships. Its about a guy who wants to make sure that no matter what she will be there for him. The lyrics get caught in your head and are fun for all to sing.

#4 American Woman Lenny Kravitz (1999)

One of the best known karaoke songs. It is sure to entertain the crowd and earn you a round of applause.

#3 Bohemian Rhapsody Queen (1975)

A catchy song about a kid killing someone and what he faces in the aftermath. The entire song has some vagueness to it but is so catchy no one seems to care. It has been made more popular with its use in movies and television. Get out there and sing it! No matter how you do it, it will entertain.

#2 Crazy Bitch Buckcherry (2005)

A song about a woman who will drive you crazy but keep you coming back for more. The upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics makes it a favorite for the stage.

#1 Come As You Are Nirvana (1992)

Kurt Cobain wrote this song and it was originally meant to be a crossover song for them. It did really well and has come to mean a lot of things for many different people. He described it as a song expressing what is expected of people. Well known, emotional, and easy for anyone to sing. It will not disappoint.

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