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How does Scoring in Karaoke Games work?

In as much as karaoke games are fun, they can be made a tad bit more fun by the scoring feature. The karaoke scoring feature simply allows the singers to have a real-time scoring once they get on the spotlight to sing.

Before you get to understand how the scoring works in karaoke games, it is important to, first of all, know of some of the very best karaoke machines to buy. That way, you and your friends will have the golden chance to enjoy singing and at the same time enjoy near to perfect scoring.

How Scoring is done in Karaoke Games

Scoring in karaoke games is vital since it will most certainly help the participants improve their singing. These updated machines will achieve this by simply gauging two aspects of your singing; input as well as the amplitude of your voice.

You can also make sure that your timing is right especially when the song starts since this will go a long way in giving you a high score. Therefore, you might want to not over consume the liquor since slurping of lagging behind will almost always guarantee you low scores, which are not wanted in this case.

The scoring mechanism has also been wired to check on the loudness of your voice. Meaning that if you want to score better, then you’ll have no other choice but to sing your heart out. In some of these scoring machines (especially the most recent ones), there is always a video that shows your voice in the form of wave frequencies.

Another thing you’ll have to understand about these machines is that they have an algorithm from which they operate. Therefore, if you get to do all the above, then there is absolutely nothing to stop you from getting that perfect score. And speaking of the perfect score, you’ll also need to know the words to the song you’ve chosen to sing.

This is because the algorithm also ensures that the person who sings a lot like the artist will have a more likely to get the best score. Thankfully, you don’t really have to be as perfect as the singer and even dare to hit those angelic high itches that Mariah Carey is famed for. Just make sure you are tricking the scoring machine by doing your best and not missing a word and you’ll do just fine.

Another trick you can use and in the end get that perfect score is by pretending to be the singer. For instance, if your song of choice is any of Frank Sinatra’s classics, then you should, by all means, regard yourself as the legend. That’s the only way you’ll be able to beat the system into getting a perfect score.

What to look for in a karaoke machine?

To ensure that your scoring is near perfect, you’ll first and foremost need to get your hands on the perfect karaoke machine.

Another thing to look for is a karaoke machine is real-time scoring. The best thing about getting a machine with real-time scoring is that the singer will get his or her results as soon as the song is finished and even receive some feedback while performing. That said, there will be absolutely no reason to wait for the scored results to be compiled.

You should also consider getting a youtube karaoke machine that will allow you to download more songs or even play music directly from youtube. This way, you can always have the pleasure of enjoying nothing but the best experiences with near perfect scorecards. This should also allow you to get your hands on any new software and get them installed as soon as they hit the market and therefore enjoy your singing experiences.

A good karaoke scoring machine should allow for your strong points to count. Let’s face it, not all singers are the same. One might have one aspect that stands out from the rest. In this case, you need to get a karaoke machine that takes all of these into account before giving the perfect score.

This is vital as it will help the participants to learn about their weaknesses as well as strength and therefore working on their singing abilities while having a lot of fun in the process. Finally, you should look for a karaoke machine that matches your ability against the original singer. That way, you’ll have some benchmarking to do once you’ve received your final score.

The Best Karaoke Machines with a Scoring Mechanism

Now that you know how the scoring machines work and the qualities you should go for, here are some of the best karaoke machines with a scoring mechanism.

The first one is none other than the Memorex MKS-SS2 Singstand 2 & 3. These two versions of karaoke machines come with a microphone, microphone stand and speaker built into one portable system. The speaker, as well as the sound produced, is both loud and crispy which goes a long way in making the whole thing perfect.

The second option is the ION Audio Block arty live karaoke system. Apart from being Bluetooth compatible, this karaoke system produces enough, good quality sound that will always bring life to your karaoke games. It also has a standard auxiliary hookup for attaching your smartphone.

You’ll also get a disco ball that’ll go a long way in enhancing that club experience in your home as you and your friends enjoy your karaoke. The downside of this rather practical karaoke machine lies in the ricing. But if you can manage to separate with a cool $1000 for fun, then I don’t see why you shouldn’t.

Finally, the Electrohome EAKAR300 karaoke machine. This small but effective karaoke machine is arguably the most affordable in this list. The latter seems to be the case since, well it’s very affordable. Thankfully, it is portable, meaning it can be carried anywhere including to the camping expeditions.

The Electrohome also comes with an inbuilt CD player with encoded graphics to enhance that karaoke experience. Unfortunately for any Electrohome lovers out there, this karaoke machine with a scoring mechanism can only work with selected media outputs. But that isn’t enough to take away the fact that it is awesome.

A final word

The whole point of hosting karaoke games is to have fun. But laying karaoke games with real-life scoring will help the games be even more fun. Apart from making the games more fun, they’ll also encourage the gamers to improve their game and by extension, their singing abilities in the end.

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