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11 Reasons, why Karaoke is Fun

Karaoke is an art that is expressive by the sound of voice. Popular, and not so popular, songs are sung at a venue into a microphone. This event has been around for a lot of years and is a well known source of entertainment.

Everyone knows that it is a fun event and not a place to be judged. Taking a night and going out to sing can simply improve a lot of things. Singing karaoke has its benefits, but most of all it is a fun event that many can enjoy.

Here is why karaoke can be fun.

1. Singing makes you happy

Singing one of your favorite songs can make you feel good. What better way to end a long day than to relax by enjoying a tune your familiar with. While you are enjoying it, you can perform it the way you want to. Endorphins are released into your brain as you sing, which outs you in a better mood. This means that you have a naturally induced high. Enjoy the great mood while singing karaoke.

2. Singing is a stress reliever

Not only can singing boost your mood by releasing endorphins, but it can also help to get rid of stress and anxiety. Oxytocin is the chemical that helps calm you down and singing can help release this into your brain. Get rid of your anxiety and make your stress go away when you sing karaoke. This will improve your mood all over and can even have long lasting health benefits.

3. Builds confidence

You are the star when you are up on the stage with the microphone. Everyone is cheering you on. This helps you feel better because your confidence is strong. No one is going to criticize you as you miss the runs in the song. Don’t worry about forgetting the verses of your song. (just don’t forget all of them) You will not be judged.

4. Gives you attention

Everyone is looking at you! Your voice is traveling through the microphone. You are the star of the show!! Participating in karaoke makes you have the attention. No matter your voice, or your song choice, everyone is interacting with you. While they may not be concentrating on you with their eyes, there ears hear your voice. For about five minutes, everyone in the venue is focused on you.

5. Reliving your younger years

Think back to your teenage years. What are some of the greatest memories that your have? Almost always you can recall the music that was on the radio. Relive the good times of your teenage years when things were easier. A time where fun and laughter too over the big stuff. Singing karaoke to your favorite song from your younger years can bring back memories. You will not get made fun of for song choice at karaoke. Chances are, if you know the song, someone else in the room does also.

6. Strengthens social connections

Almost always, singing karaoke happens with others. Grab your friends together and have a night out. It is proven that singing karaoke strengthens connections between people. Everyone in the room gets to enjoy the activity and you have the ability to make everyone feel good. The relaxed atmosphere allows people to connect with others at their best. No one is under pressure which makes them confident enough to make small talk with strangers.

7. Lets you have a night of no judgement

Not everyone singing karaoke has a great voice. The fun of karaoke is not for the quality of the voice, but the entertainment. If you are less than perfect and have been afraid to get up and sing, this is the best place to do so. Some of the people in an adult venue have been drinking so they no longer have a preference in the sound of your voice. It’s not about being perfect, but more about having a good time.

8. Can Make new friends

Many people enjoy the activity of karaoke. Enhancing social connections through a common ground makes for great conversation. Perhaps you have the same taste of music as the couple of girls in the corner. Getting up and singing your favorite karaoke tune can help you see the common ground. New friends can be made easily while singing.

9. It is entertaining

Entertainment comes in all forms and platforms. Some people may enjoy engaging in a television show to relax. They need to be able to forget everything and simply forget their cares in the world. Watching others get up in the spotlight and use their talents (or lack there of) is fun to see. Watching the drunk guy butcher a song while having fun makes it all worth the time.

10. Brings people together

Karaoke is a popular event. There are always a group of people waiting to sing the popular songs of the decade. Keeping a common ground with everyone in the venue helps to connect them all. We all want to see those that sing up on stage and listen to them having fun. This is overall a great time to meet others with the same likes as your own.

11. It’s just plain fun!

Above all, karaoke is simply fun. It doesn’t matter if you use a karaoke machine, play the latest karaoke game on PS4 or run a Karaoke App on your Apple TV – karaoke is a carefree activity that lets your voice shine. Letting loose to get up in stage and not taking judgement makes you relaxed. Simply put, karaoke can be the platform that keeps you having fun. When you tell your friends that you want to go out and karaoke, everyone always smiles. This is a great carefree activity and it’s a great way to have fun.

There are many different benefits to singing karaoke. It can help you relax and relieve stress by releasing oxytocin as well as endorphins into your brain. Being in a natural high can help you to be at our best and enjoy your time. Have a night of no judgement and come out and sing. Your likely to connect with others and have a great time. Not only is karaoke exciting entertainment, it is a fun time.

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