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Best Karaoke Games for Wii

Karaoke games are a way for you to not only entertain the family but entertain your kids when they want to get a break from regular games. Karaoke is something that you do at parties, and it is something that you do when you are having a family night that allows you to sing and laugh and dance. In addition, the Nintendo Wii is really popular and, therefore, many people have access to this gaming console.

There are some Wii karaoke games listed below that might come with accessories or not, and you have to prepare yourself so that you have a microphone if it does not come with the game. You also have to be sure that you have a TV with speakers that will sound just right when everyone starts singing.

If you don’t own a Nintendo Wii, you can find karaoke games for PS4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U or Nintendo Switch as well.

The short answer: Best Wii Karaoke Games

  1. We Sing Pop (Bundle)
  2. The Voice: I want you (Bundle)
  3. We Sing: 80s (Bundle)
  4. Sing 4: The Hits Edition
  5. We Sing Pop
  6. Disney Sing It: Family Hits
  7. Karaoke Revolution: Glee
  8. Karaoke Revolution (Bundle)

#1 We Sing Pop Microphone Bundle

You get two kids and 30 songs in this pack that will allow you to play with up to eight players. The We Sing Pop Bundle is the package that brings you the latest hits from artists such as Coldplay and Lady Gaga, and these songs were picked specifically so that they would be fun to sing or fun to try in a group setting.

You can slide this game into the wii right now, and you will hear instant feedback from the microphones as you pick the first song. Sing Pop is a big franchise that you will find you can sing in with many different people who love the songs that you enjoy

However, this bundle pack will give you the microphones you need because you might not have them yet. It is unnecessary to buy a karaoke machine because you can do it all through your gaming system.

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#2 The Voice I Want You

The Voice is one of the biggest TV shows in the world, and it has had many songs featured on live TV every week for years and years at a time. This particular package has the voices of judges like Adam Levine and Blake Shelton.

The songs that are in the game The Voice: I want you span every genre because that is what you would hear on the show. You can pick the pop and country songs that are most popular, and you will run across some rock songs that will change up the game as you sing into the mic. The Voice is a big show, and you will find there are more updates that might come up in the future.

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#3 We Sing 80s

There are 30 hits from the 80s in this pack, and there are a lot of people who will be heartened to hear people like Cyndi Lauper come over the speakers from this game. Two miss come in this pack so that you can play this game between eight players, and you could choose the hits that you either remember from that age or you learned from the radio when you got into 80s culture and 80s music.

We Sing 80s is structured like all other We Sing games, but it sticks to the 80s because it makes for a fun night of singing songs that might not have aged perfectly.

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#4 Sing 4: The Hits 81

There are 40 songs in this game that will bowl you over because you might have forgotten that some of these songs were even on the radio. Also remember that you can use the miss you already have with this game when you want to expand your repertoire on karaoke night.

The person who has planned on investing in something like Sing 4: The Hits Edition will have more popular and current songs to sing. It detects humming so that people do not get missed when they are trying, and that makes the game more accurate and more fun.

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#5 We Sing Pop 85

We Sing Pop covers all of pop music throughout the six decades that the music industry has been pumping out hits. You can pick from the decades and genres that you want to play with, and you can play with eight players like you would in any other version of the We Sing game.

You also need to be sure that you have brought over more people because everyone can get something to sing that actually suits their taste. That makes it so much easier for you to have fun, and you can eventually remind yourself of the songs from long ago that you might have forgotten about completely.

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#6 Disney Sing It Family Hits

Disney Sing It: Family Hits has 30 songs that you will remember from all the Disney movies you have loved during your life, and you can sign with several players so that you can all see if you remember the words from these songs.

This is a powerful game because it shows you what the lyrics are, and it can even play back the songs that you just sang. This can be more fun because you can review a lot of different performances that happened during the night.

It gets more fun to play this game because you can listen back to all the fun things that you just did. Families will especially enjoy this because you can see how bad the performance was when you forgot the words to a song.

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#7 Karaoke Revolution: Glee

These are 30 top hits that were sung on the hit sensation Karaoke Revolution: Glee, and this is a very important part of your karaoke party night because you can remember what it was like when they pulled out all these different songs on their show.

You can get this game into star mode where you can play with up to six different people, and you will find that you can even sing with multiple players just like it was on the show. This is a game that will take you back in time, and you will start to feel like you can take yourself back to a time when a capable a singing became big and dominated TV screens everywhere in America.

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#8 Karaoke Revolution

The Karaoke Revolution game has 50 songs on it that cover all genres, and it has a career mode that allows you to play with up to 16 people. This is the game that you will use at a party that you will love to play because you can fit everyone into the game and give them a great time.

These people will be excited by the way that the game works because they can pick from a much larger bank of songs, and you can get everyone involved. These master tracks are updated, and they are much easier to sing now that they have been upgraded and cleaned up for karaoke singing.

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The best part of these games is that people will be able to sing in large groups at parties. You can choose any game that you want because you have so many different styles of music you might like to sing.

You could purchase a game because you want to sing Disney songs, or you can go for Glee because it used to be your favorite show.

You can play with up to 16 people in some of these games, and you can get microphones in the bundle package that will connect to your Wii and make singing more fun.

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