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Best Karaoke Games for Wii U

Even if the new Nintendo console does not meet the expectations of the “revolution”, most of its games are still worth the detour.

The evolution of the Wii has been nothing if not dramatic and its addictive video games have single-handedly reinvented the dance video game. A few years ago, Nintendo launched the new Wii U console as a worthy successor to its big sister Wii. With the ability to use previous software and hardware from previous Nintendo consoles (backwards compatibility), the new Wii U fulfills all our expectations and gives so much more.

In this article, we will review the popular dance video games on Wii U that you’ll spend hours enjoying. From pop to hip-hop, rock, techno, and flamenco, these video games definitely have some of the most eclectic song selections of any karaoke dance game ever. Check them out!

In addition to the Wii U Karaoke Games presented below, there are also Karaoke Games for Nintendo Switch, Wii, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One available.

The short answer: Best Wii U Karaoke Games

  1. SiNG Party
  2. We Sing Pop
  3. The Voice: I want you (Bundle)
  4. Disney Sing It: Family Hits
  5. Disney Sing It
  6. Sing 4: The Hits Edition


With SiNG Party by Nintendo, you can transform your living room to a concert and every member of the clan can join in the action. The video game is rated 60 on and features a Wii U microphone and a variety of music selections from old-timey 60s hits to today’s pop hits. This makes it suitable for all players regardless of their ages.

You can also play the instrumentals and with the Wii Remote, the group participation feature such as dancing, interacting and singing with the group’s lead singer, are the highlights of this game. Since SiNG PARTY does not limit the number of players that can join in the fun, you can all catch the infectious vibe as soon as you have the game started.

Finally, the game’s Party mode allows the lead singer to use the GamePad’s controller to have a view of the song lyrics while also receiving cues through it. The GamePad can also be deployed as the playlist creator and audio mixer.

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#2 WeSing Pop

WeSing Pop is Wii’s new software with a karaoke-style that stands out among others. Featuring as much as 30 pop hits from 60 years of pop songs, you will never run out of choices. You can make friends, sing duets with celebrities, share your songs and become a pop star. The voice effects will also surprise you!

WeSing also features a new tuning mode, popular singers, and the fastest live broadcast! You can even make your own music video with a karaoke slideshow and add effects such as reverb and repetition to your recordings. You can also have fun with your friends by sharing your recordings online

Direct messages allow players to know more about each other and you can exchange private and public messages with other people on WeSing.

Another major feature of WeSing Pop is that players can accompany new and classic songs with music and lyrics. In an endless catalog of videos and themes, you will find songs performed by your favorite artists. Of course, the most successful songs of the moment are also updated quickly. You can easily search for these songs and sing or record them with a high loading speed.

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#3 The Voice: I want you (Bundle)

Make your living room the center stage of entertainment with “The Voice”, a karaoke dance and music video game inspired by the popular TV show.

The Voice: I want you brings you endless fun with features such as “Blind Auditions” and “Battle Rounds”. You can choose from a selection of hit songs spanning across different genres such as rock, pop, country music, and RnB.

You can even watch the coaches compete for a chance to have you on their team. You’ll also get the chance to learn about breathing exercises, singing and harmonizing in the “Coach mode”. All of this will help you improve your performance while playing with your friends.

You can enjoy this game with at least seven of your close friends and word your fave songs while in the game’s Party mode.

Another great thing with this game is that it’s one of the cheapest Wii U games. Some reviews can be found on

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#4 Disney Sing It: Family Hits

If you or your kids are fans of Disney movies, then the Family Hits version of “Sing It” video game by Disney would stimulate their interest.

Disney’s Sing It: Family Hits includes 30 videos and songs from Disney’s all-time popular classic hits such as Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Jungle Book, and Mary Poppins. It also features songs and videos from contemporary films such as Aladin, Princess & The Frog, Lion King and more.

In competitive and collaborative modes, players can go one-to-one as they view songs from their favorite movies.

The karaoke gameplay is easy to adapt to as it has full-screen visuals from Disney hits.
In the family mode, up to eight players can join in the fun while singing along to the songs and passing the Wii U Microphone. Players can also playback and add voice effects to their performances.

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#5 Disney Sing It: Nintendo Wii

The cheaper alternative to the Family Hits version, this new karaoke video game features a collection of popular fan favorites as well as the hottest Disney talents.

The Nintendo Wii version of the Disney Sing It includes video songs from Camp Rock, Disney’s summer blockbuster. It also includes other favorites from Disney such as Miley Cyrus’s Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers, and even the High School Musical movie, with Olesya Rulin as the vocal coach.

From the full TV screen, players can sing along to today’s tunes while having a blast alongside their favorite Disney characters and friends.

The game features up to 35 songs and videos from Disney stars. Players can also compete against their friends in multiplayer modes such as Team Play, Versus, and Duet. Players can also personalize their game experiences as they can unlock or download new themed skins.

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#6 Sing 4: The Hits Edition

Sing 4: Hits Edition by Crave Entertainment includes a microphone and precisive lyrics scoring system that can detect humming or singing. It includes amazing effects such as pitch correction for voice enhancement and features 40 original selections of popular tracks and video songs from your chart-topping stars.

The Sing 4 video game allows up to four players to sing and dance to their favorite tunes simultaneously. Players can also record and play back their performances during game modes such as Solo, Battle, Duet, and Co-op.

The fun voice effects include Reverb, Echo, Wobble, Ogre, and Helium, which allow players to alter their voices and almost completely change the way they sound. Another fun feature is the pitch correction effect which tunes your voice to match the vocals and pitch of the song. Interestingly, this pitch correction can also be used independently or in conjunction with other voice effects.

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