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Best Wireless Karaoke Microphones (with Bluetooth)

Karaoke is one of the most thrilling experiences you can have with your friends and family while at home. However, it isn’t much fun when you have to perform in one spot because of a microphone cord which is lacking in length.

There are plenty of karaoke microphones out there which offer secure connectivity to Bluetooth so you can enjoy a wireless experience on your next karaoke night.

Check out our list below to see which Bluetooth and wireless microphones we think would be best for your karaoke needs! Each one has something different to offer, so be sure you take a look at all of the features of each one before making your decision.

#1 BONAOK Wireless Karaoke Microphone

The BONAOK karaoke microphone comes in a multitude of colors, so it’s the perfect gift for someone who loves to feel like a diva when they perform.

The unit offers much more than just a colorful design, however, and features plenty of ways for you to control the settings of your sound.

For example, if you would like the echo of your voice to be a bit more prominent when you sing, just adjust the slider on your microphone for easy customization.

You can also enjoy the freedom of being able to connect two different ways with your mic. The first way is, of course, to connect to a device using Bluetooth to enjoy a fully wireless experience, and the other allows you to plug into your phone, tablet, or computer with the available USB cord.

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#2 KaraoKing Karaoke Microphone

You don’t have to go out to the bar or purchase a heavy-duty karaoke machine to enjoy a stage-quality show while you perform!

All you need is the KaraoKing wireless microphone which comes with a USB connected disco light which attaches to the bottom of your mic.

Now you can enjoy a light show while you sing along to your favorite karaoke hits. You don’t have to worry about not having a karaoke machine, as the KaraoKing microphone has a unique device dock so you can quickly connect your smartphone to the side of the mic and use your screen as a karaoke display!

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#3 BONAOK Upgraded Wireless Karaoke Microphone

Although similar to its colorful counterpart, the upgraded version of the BONAOK karaoke microphone offers LED lights where the control housing lies, so you can enjoy a small light show while you perform.

Each upgraded BONAOK microphone offers a 3-layer filter system to reduce the sound of feedback and noise pollution in the background. Because the developers have taken the care to include such a noise reduction system, you can enjoy hearing each singer’s voice loud and clear while they perform!

If for any reason you are unhappy with your BONAOK microphone, you can return it with no questions asked up to 30-days after your purchase. You also receive a one year warranty for your product and 24-hour customer service if you should have any problems with the device.

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#4 U-Kiss Wireless Microphone

Although we are primarily searching for Bluetooth or wireless microphones for karaoke, it is also nice to know that you have the option to plug it into a device directly as well.

With the U-Kiss wireless microphone, you not only get a seamless 100-foot range with your Bluetooth enabled devices, but you can also use the available cords to plug your mic into a tablet, smartphone, or even a laptop to sing along to your favorite karaoke tracks.

Because the Bluetooth on the U-Kiss microphone stays connects up to 100 feet away from your device, you can easily roam around your party and really dig into your performance as you are not tied down with a cord.

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#5 BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

Yet another fantastic microphone with Bluetooth capabilities from BONAOK is the golden version of their microphone.

You and your guests will honestly feel like celebrities when you crank up the volume and belt out your favorite songs with this golden BONAOK Bluetooth mic.

The volume and other sound controls are built directly into the handle of the mic, so you don’t have to worry about moving to another device if you have something to tweak. You can play around with the echo, volume, and song controls from the microphone housing itself, which makes for smooth transitions from one singer to another.

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#6 KaraoKing Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

The KaraoKing wireless/Bluetooth mic is one of the few which comes with a carrying case. If you plan on using your microphone when you travel or for taking it to church, or sporting events, then you will love having the extra case to protect your mic while you aren’t using it.

The housing on the microphone, which is home to the volume and various controls for the device, lights up while you sing along to your playlist. The housing itself actually acts as a high-power speaker for the microphone as well, so you don’t have to worry about connecting it to another speaker to amplify your voice clearly for all to hear.

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#7 Fifine UHF Dual Channel Wireless Microphone

The Fifine mic has an impressive 80-foot operating range when you connect it through Bluetooth to any of your mobile devices or computer for streaming. You have the freedom to perform anywhere you like with the Fifine UHF microphone, without worry of your voice cutting in and out as you move about.

When you purchase this option, you get a wireless receiver and 2 wireless microphones which has their own separate volume controls.

So, if you tend to sing louder than everyone else, or vice versa, make sure that each microphone is tuned so that each singer can be heard loud and clear.

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#8 ARCHEER VHF Bluetooth Microphone System

The ARCHEER system has a high-power sound system which will amplify any voice for the entire party to hear! You can connect easily to phones, tablets, computers, and more with the ARCHEER mic system, and if you should have any problems whatsoever, just take advantage of the 40-day warranty to get your money back or a replacement.

The receiver which you get with your microphones has input options to add even more mics, so if your karaoke party turns into a real jam session, you can add plenty of mics to accommodate all.

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#9 Mockins Wireless Microphone

Not many wireless microphones out there give you color options other than black or gold, but the Mockins team made sure to create lots of colors to appease the most flashy of performers.
You can choose between rose gold, blue, pink, and so many more.

The Mockins microphones also give you the option to use them for more than just karaoke. You can record yourself, sing, or chat with people through social media and other apps.

There is a built-in speaker on the microphone as well, so you don’t need to have another speaker to plug in to hear yourself clearly. If you should have any issues with your Mockins microphone, you can engage the 2-year warranty to receive a new one, or to get your money back.

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#10 Hmovie 3300mAh Wireless Karaoke Microphone

The hmovie microphone has a built-in battery which gives you a full 30-hour charge. So, you never have to worry about going to a karaoke party with your microphone and losing juice halfway through your performance.

The hmovie mic also boasts an insanely high-quality sound which will make you sound like you’ve been recording in the studio. This also means that you won’t have a bunch of feedback or popping sounds coming through while you sing or speak either, which is always a plus!

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#11 PopSolo by tzumi wireless microphone

The PopSolo wireless karaoke microphone by tzumi is probably one of the only ones we’ve found with an auto-off feature. Although it doesn’t seem like much, if you have ever picked up a wireless device, ready and raring to go, only to find out that someone didn’t put it back on the charger and you have to wait to let the battery to charge?

If so, then you know exactly how frustrating it can be. Luckily, the PopSolo mic charges up and saves 5 hours of battery life so you can enjoy a long performance with your friends and family.

You can also roam up to 30-feet away from the device in which you are connected through Bluetooth without fear of getting cut off or losing your connection in the middle of a song.

The PopSolo mic, like so many others, also has a dock in which to hold your device so you can use your phone’s screen to read lyrics as they scroll by.

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How To Pick a wireless Karaoke Microphone

Choosing the best option for you isn’t the hardest thing, but it isn’t so straightforward that you should just select the cheapest option, either.

So, make sure that you ask yourself these questions before deciding which Bluetooth or wireless microphone is best for you.

Will You Be Traveling With It?

First, consider where you will be using your new wireless microphone. If you will be taking it to friends houses for parties, to vacation while you travel, or to the office to project your voice for a meeting, you will need to consider how large the microphone you are looking at is.

There are a few options that come with a portable case, so if you do plan on using it in more places then one, perhaps buy one of the choices which give you a sturdy case to protect the microphone during travel.

What Features Are You Looking For?

There are many more features and options to wireless and Bluetooth microphones than just those connectivity options. There are some that offer light shows, a few that have other cords and receivers shipped with them, and various controls in which to tweak your sound.

Depending on how you will be using your microphone, whether it is only for karaoke, or with multiple singers, you may want to choose an option that will let you customize your sound, or even record your performance if you are trying to gain some exposure on Youtube or other streaming apps.

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